Happy family


From the Family – Sarah B.

As a result of his addiction, Adam’s family watched him transform from a loving, adventurous, and outgoing son into an unrecognizable person. Since Adam arrived at Turnbridge’s residential drug treatment program, Adam’s family has experienced the joy of welcoming their cheerful, and always smiling, son back into their lives.

According to Sarah, Adam’s mother, his drug use began in 8th grade. Adam began drinking and smoking marijuana. The progression developed quickly, and Adam found himself abusing a variety of substances, particularly prescription painkillers. “He had a therapist, psychiatrist, a school counselor who was crazy about him, and he still seemed to be sinking,” Sarah said.  Adam struggled with basic living skills, such as getting out of bed. “He seemed to have no motivation.” 

Along with Adam’s developing struggles came many sleepless nights for his parents. “All I could do was worry about Adam,” says Sarah. After multiple incidents, including a car crash, Sarah made the decision to enroll Adam at wilderness treatment in Montana. “He immediately bought into the 12-step program,” said Sarah. Adam responded well and after completing 90 days he made his way to Turnbridge, at the recommendation of his counselors. 

With the help of Turnbridge staff, Adam continued fighting to get better. “I was glad that he was in such a structured situation, with a case manager who was on top of what was going on with him, because of the chaos within himself,” Sarah said. Adam turned a corner while at Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program; he made great relationships and continued to work on himself.  Toward the end of Adam’s stay, he visited home for a few days.  This is when his parents noticed the dramatic change that he had undergone. “Here was a self-possessed young man who went to meetings on his own, left parties with his friends when things got ‘stupid,’ articulated his feelings in a responsible way, and was much less reactive,” Sarah said. 

Adam successfully completed Turnbridge and is now back home with his family and doing well. “He is in charge of his recovery,” said Sarah. 

In a few weeks, Adam will begin his freshman year of college. Following this year, Adam plans to transfer out-of-state to a college to study psychology. “We feel more confident about handing the reins of his life over to him,” Sarah said. “We try to stay in the day and stay grateful. And we are very grateful for Turnbridge.”