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Frances P. Shares Her Son’s Story of Recovery

Frances P. is the mother of David P., a client currently living sober in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.  While David was active in his addiction, his relationships with his parents reached a point where his mother was frightened to be around him.  Since he decided to seek treatment and make healthy life changes, David’s family has gotten their warm, loving son back in their lives.

According to Frances, David’s issues with substance abuse became noticeable while he was away at college.  David’s parents weren’t aware of any drinking or drug use while he was in high school.  David was a well-adjusted, social athlete who did well in the classroom and rarely got in trouble.   When he went away to college, David’s parents started to see signs that something was not right.  He was getting extremely thin and having trouble in the classroom.  David eventually transferred to a school close to home and moved back in with his parents.  

achieving sobrietyThings got much worse when David moved home.  His behavior had changed and his once warm and friendly personality had turned vitriolic.  “He wasn’t the same person he had been,” Frances says.  “He was very angry toward me and antagonistic and short tempered.  It got to the point where I didn’t want to be under attack when I was with him so I just went in my room and shut the door.”  In July 2014, David admitted to his parents that he was struggling with prescription drug abuse and asked his parents for help.  His parents immediately began searching for rehabilitation options.  

David entered a 30-day treatment center in late July 2014.  After a few weeks in the program, his family attended a parent education weekend, which was an eye-opening experience for Frances.  “It was so comforting to know that all of these feelings I had been feeling were completely normal for someone with a family member in active addiction,” Frances explains.  “I cannot stress enough how important family education is.  That’s when you learn what you need to know to be a positive family member of someone in recovery.”  Toward the end of David’s stay in primary treatment, Frances began looking into aftercare options and found information online about Turnbridge.  David called admissions and made the decision to come to New Haven in August 2014.  

David initially struggled adjusting to Turnbridge and early sobriety while in Phases I and II, but he eventually found a job and started to become more comfortable in the Turnbridge program and with himself.  After a few months in Phase III, David was recognized for his positive progress and asked to be a house manager of one of the Phase III sober living facilities.  His parents have enjoyed seeing the changes in their son.  “We feel like we have our son back,” says Frances.  “He is moving forward in a healthy positive way.  It is really a blessing really to see when a young man that wants to recover and does all the things that are asked of him, how successful he can be.”