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Denise D: Learning How to Help Your Addicted Son

Denise D. is the mother of Craig

Denise D. is the mother of Craig, a successful graduate of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  During Craig’s senior year of college he came to his family and asked for help with his drug addiction, and with their support and the help of Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program, Craig has worked hard and regained control of his life. Craig’s battle with addiction surfaced during his final year of college.  “He was having some trouble in school, and was going through some emotional struggles,” Denise said.  “I was concentrating more on trying to get him through school, and helping him get some counseling.  I suspected that things were not going well, but I had no idea at that point that he had reached the level of using that he did.” Help for My Son’s Drug AddictionCraig came home from college for the summer just three courses shy of completing his degree requirements.  On the Tuesday after Memorial Day, 2012, he broke the news of his addiction to his family, telling them that he had a problem and asking for help.  Denise and her family were shocked, but reacted quickly.  “The bottom of my floor fell out,” Denise said.  “We were very surprised; it was a shock to the whole family.  I knew that we needed to act immediately.  He came to us and was willing to do something.  I just wanted to move on it quickly.” Within 48 hours of telling his family, Craig entered a detox, and was soon enrolled into a 28-day primary treatment program.  He successfully completed primary treatment, and the staff members there recommended to Craig and his family that he then enter an extended care program to help with his reintegration and continued sobriety.  Turnbridge was one of their recommendations, and they made the decision as a family.  Throughout the program, Craig worked hard, and since his graduation he continues to take the necessary steps to live a sober and productive life. “It has been a journey,” Denise said.  “I didn’t know how much growing I needed to do, as well as Craig.  Turnbridge gave us all the opportunity to do some reflecting on ourselves, and see what we needed to change and how we needed to respond.  It gave Craig the chance to become independent.  I’m amazed at how independent he has become.  He is taking care of himself, being a good person, and trying to give back to the community.  I think the most difficult part was for me to learn to let Craig handle his affairs, for me to step back and learn how to let go.” “I have become a sponge of knowledge on all kinds of groups and self-help book,” Denise said.  “Any time that you can get together with other people that are in the same situation that you are in, or know something about the situation, you always grow from that, you always learn and obtain some kind of new information.  You walk away feeling like you’re not alone, that it is possible to get through this and stay sane at the same time.  I have met and become friends with many of these people, and it’s always comforting to know that I can pick up the phone and call someone.  It’s important to have people that you can talk to.” “Turnbridge was a growing experience for not only Craig, but for me too,” Denise said.  “I don’t think that we would have gotten through this without Turnbridge.  It allowed me to step back, and it also allowed Craig to grow.  One of the most important things was that it helps [residents] learn how to take care of themselves, how to move on, and how to become productive people again.  It allowed me to take care of myself, and allowed me to become productive again.”