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Lorraine – A Powerful Success Story of Her Son Embracing Recovery

Lorraine C. is the mother of Ryan

Lorraine C. is the mother of Ryan, a resident in Phase III of the Turnbridge program. In the past, Ryan’s recovery attempts were largely unsuccessful, but since coming to Turnbridge he has embraced the program and made many positive changes. According to Lorraine, Ryan started smoking marijuana in high school, and hisHow to Embrace Recovery drug use quickly escalated. When Ryan went off to college, Lorraine thought that a change in scenery would have a positive effect on him, but within two weeks Ryan was back at home. At this point, Ryan spent close to two years battling addiction and trying various addiction treatment programs. Initially, he didn’t embrace the programs or the idea of recovery, but as he worsened over time he eventually learned what he had to do. Since coming to Turnbridge, Ryan has made great strides in his recovery. “He’s done amazingly well,” Lorraine said. “Maybe he’s just tired of it. He’s getting the right help therapy wise. [Turnbridge] is a great group of guys. For some reason he embraces it. He continues to get good reports from all of his case managers. He’s doing everything that’s asked of him. As a parent, I’ve very happy.” “The hardest part is watching your child hurt themselves,” Lorraine said. “It’s really painful. It’s been extremely difficult. You can’t control it, you can’t cure it. It’s wreaked havoc on our family, and caused an extreme amount of stress and heartache on all different levels. It’s a disease that affects everyone in the family.” Lorraine thanks Joe Silvio, of Silver Hill Hospital, for recommending the Turnbridge program. “I couldn’t thank Joe enough,” Lorraine said. “We didn’t know what to do.” Since he’s been at Turnbridge, Ryan has improved dramatically. “When he calls me, or I call him, he actually asks me how I am. He listens, and he’s definitely more conscious about other people around him. I’ve been told that he’s helped other guys in the house without even knowing it. I think he’s matured now. He turned into a man, and he takes responsibility for his own actions.” “I would recommend Turnbridge to anybody whose child is having a problem with any kind of addiction,” Lorraine said. “They’ve been really great. They got it right. They slowly integrate you back into the reality of everyday life. It’s a process that you can’t jump into. They integrate you slowly; that’s the best way to do it.” In his time at Turnbridge, Ryan was hired on as the Phase III House Manager. He is currently enrolled at a local college, and continues to work hard in recovery. Lou, Ryan’s stepfather, has witnessed the effect that recovery and the Turnbridge program has had on Ryan. “I’ve never seen him better than he is now,” Lou said. “In the past I’ve had my doubts; I have my own experiences. He’s definitely on his way to something good, whereas heading up to this, I expected the worse every single time. Now, he’s excited. He’s got a genuine smile on his face when I see him. I’m proud of him, for real. In the past he didn’t take anything serious. He’s learning. I think he appreciates sobriety. I’m a good judge…I’ve got a good read this time and I hope he continues. We both do.”