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Susan M. Sees Her Son Develop into an Independent Sober Man

Susan M. is the mother of Kody M., a Client currently in Phase III of Turnbridge’s Preparative Care program.   For several years, Kody’s parents witnessed him struggling through addiction and early adulthood, but have had the privilege recently of seeing their son develop into an independent and fulfilled sober man.     

alcohol treatment for young menAccording to Susan, Kody’s issues with substance abuse became noticeable after he went away to college.  Shortly after arriving at school in Ohio, Kody’s parents received a call about a drinking incident that Kody was involved in.  The incident was upsetting, but Kody insisted it wasn’t a big deal and he continued to excel in the classroom.  He decided to transfer from that school after his freshman year to a University in Montana to play soccer.  Over the next few years in Montana, Kody was involved in several car accidents.  Each one raised red flags, yet Kody continued to get A’s in his classes and seemed to be doing well in other aspects of his life.  His parents knew something was off, but did not know the extent of his drinking and could not put their finger on the root of the issue.   “As a parent now I see now that we were blind to the fact,” admits Susan.  “… But his grades were always perfect and he always had an excuse for everything.”  

Kody graduated from school with honors and returned home shortly after to start working.  Now living with his parents, Kody was unable to hide his drinking.  His parents immediately noticed something was not right.  Not long after he moved home, Kody was involved in another car accident.  This time, Kody did not try to hide.  He told his parents that had wrecked his car while driving drunk and that he believed he was an alcoholic.  “When he said that, the realization hit me,” says Susan.  “Instead of being shocked, I was relieved that he was coming forward so we could get the help for him that he needed.”  Kody was taken to a hospital and from there went to 30-day drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas.  

At the end of his 30-day stay, it was recommended that Kody continue treatment.  Susan began to research appropriate programs.  Kody and his mother decided that Turnbridge was a perfect fit.  Kody came to New Haven and enrolled in Turnbridge in the summer of 2014.  Since his arrival, Kody has flourished.  He committed himself to sobriety and the Turnbridge program, and his family has been overjoyed with the results.  “I think Turnbridge helped saved his life,” says Susan. “It’s amazing that my husband and I get to see this new person who loves life and is a role model.  This whole process has brought the family closer together.”

Kody is planning on staying in the New Haven area after he graduates Turnbridge to maintain his support network and continue progressing as a young man in recovery.