FROM THE PRESIDENT: Building A Welcoming Place

Renovation of the new Turnbridge Phase I residence is well underway. New offices are being built, furniture is being purchased and delivered, and the countdown to opening day has begun. While considering the style of décor in the new residence, I asked myself “In what environment would I feel most comfortable living, relaxing, and recovering?” From there I made a list of environmental qualities and attributes that I believe best support early recovery. On the top of the list was comfort and accommodation: warm, soft lighting, inviting, open living areas, comfortable furniture, and a functional, high-end kitchen. I wanted this new home to be a welcoming place, in keeping with other residences. I am happy to say that once complete, the new Turnbridge Phase I residence is a place I would be proud to live in, a place where I could raise my child. Spring is around the corner, and we are very much excited for what this next month has to bring. In the interim, I will do my best not to “count the days!” Gratefully, David Vieau President, Turnbridge