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FROM THE PRESIDENT: Learning from the Storm

This month, from the President’s Desk, we are reporting in post Blizzard Nemo! All is well here in New Haven. After a whopping 34 inches of snow in 24 hours, the streets are clear and spring is around the corner. However, every challenging experience encountered is an opportunity to learn – and Nemo did not disappoint!

So what did Turnbridge learn from the Nemo experience? That any “we” is stronger than any “I”. That weather is no match for the unadulterated care and profound loyalty our team feels for the clients of Turnbridge. That there is no hurdle too tall, no obstacle too wide, or challenge too broad for us (the staff and clients) to navigate as long as we do so together.

For me – a man in recovery, an executive, a father, and a human being – this experience reminds me what it means to give more than we take each and every day we are blessed enough to wake up. is idea is highlighted in CONNECTIONS– our Unsung Heroes for this month all excelled when the conditions worked against them. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Regards, David Vieau President, Turnbridge