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College Substance Abuse: Facing the Facts [Infographic]

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Illicit drug use and substance addiction are growing epidemics for 18-25 year olds throughout the United States, and full-time college students raise no exception. In fact, almost one in every four of the nation’s college students meets the medical criteria for substance dependence. Yet only 6 percent of them seek treatment. The issue is that most do not even realize they need help at all. And because college drug use is so rampant today, their closest family and friends may not recognize the problem, either.

While alcohol and drug use have received great attention throughout college campuses, it seems that there exists very few resources for students to gain awareness of this rising trend, and further find support where it is needed. As a result, Turnbridge has conducted comprehensive research to assess just how detrimental college addiction is, and how recovery and education can still be achieved simultaneously, with the proper attention and treatment.

In the following infographic, we concentrated on the recent rise of college drug use since the 90s, and further measured its consequences throughout campuses nationwide. While we ultimately found that this younger population is in fact the age group most affected by substance abuse, afflicting more young men than women, both academically and medically, we also found a glimpse of hope.

Today, our society upholds education to a highest degree, as it leads us into a successful future. This next generation is our future. Their dreams are right at the palms of their hands, and all they have to do is hold onto them closely. Drugs, alcohol, and addiction should never get in the way of achieving one’s fullest potential, and yet, they often do. It’s time we recognize the issue of college addiction, face the facts, and get students the support they deserve. Please share this infographic with your loved ones, and let us work together to defeat the stigma of addiction. Call Turnbridge at 1-877-581-1793 for professional references, or for more information on our addiction treatment for young men seeking both recovery and an education. It is possible.

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