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Breaking the Addiction Cycle [Infographic]

In a single year, nearly 22 million Americans were classified as dependent on alcohol and/or illicit drugs. And while each person carries his or her own addiction story, all 22 million continue to fight the same battle, fighting against the chronic cycle of addiction.

Substance dependence is extremely widespread today, and many afflicted individuals do not realize that they need professional help. Often, if and when they do, it is after the social, financial, emotional, and physical consequences have piled up. In the end, it becomes a matter of how many sips, how many hits, it takes to get to that point of recognition: They can no longer face the day without drugs, but they also will not survive many more days by continuing use.
How, then, does one know that he is addicted, and how will he know the right time to seek help?

The problem is, most people cannot outright recognize that a drug addiction has developed, or that someone they love is caught spinning amidst this vicious cycle. But that is where Turnbridge can help.

We’ve comprised an infographic manifesting each stage of the addiction cycle, and further explored how and why addiction develops in a person over time. By breaking down each phase of this succession, we’ve simultaneously shown that a breakthrough to sobriety is possible.

Recovery, however, is unlikely to be accomplished alone, and no one should ever feel alone in this battle. After all, anyone who has been exposed to drugs remains at risk of re-entering the addiction cycle. It is not something we can predict, but it is something we can prevent. With the right attention and professional treatment, it is a cycle that can be broken.

Read on to learn more about the addiction cycle; discover how to recognize if you or a loved one is at risk, and also of the risks that addiction can pose in your lives. Call Turnbridge for professional advice on how to overcome drug dependence, or to start your treatment plan today.

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