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The True Meaning of Holistic Addiction Treatment

Substance addiction is a debilitating disease, affecting every facet of a user’s life— it impairs a user’s physical health, mental stability, emotional state, as well as social wellbeing. If you are here, you likely know the tolls of addiction firsthand. You or a loved one has been battling drug abuse for some time. Now, you are ready to start the recovery journey.

Professional treatment is the most effective path towards lasting sobriety and healing. However, not all treatment centers are the same. The services and practices applied will differ rehab to rehab, program to program, and it is important to choose the one that best meets your loved one’s values and needs.

Today, many female addicts and their families are turning to holistic addiction treatment, a treatment approach that addresses all aspects of addiction and promotes complete physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Here is what women’s holistic addiction treatment is all about:

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment?

The term holistic is derived from the Greek root holos, which means “whole” or “all.” Combined with addiction therapy, then, holistic treatment simply means treating the entire person, the whole person, in mind, body, and soul.

Addiction is a disease of the brain that affects users in all aspects of their lives. On one hand, drugs alter a user’s mental state and her ability to think or act rationally. Drug addiction also wears down the physical health of a user, instigating bodily side effects that take significant time to heal. Addiction, most of all, has the power to diminish a person’s hope, faith, motivation, and close relationships over time. The greatest supports in a user’s life often subside with their prolonged drug abuse.

Holistic addiction treatment works to recover and revive all these important facets of a woman’s life. The approach focuses not just on the physical symptoms of drug addiction, but also on the mental, emotional, and social capacities of each person in recovery.

Effective women’s addiction treatment programs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, tend to the multiple needs of an addicted individual, not just her drug abuse. If there are any associated psychological, medical, or social problems at bay, a treatment facility should work to address them wholly. As a comprehensive approach, this is exactly what holistic addiction treatment for women does.

The goal of holistic addiction treatment is to support the entire healing of an individual, from addressing the root cause of the addiction to restoring balance between the mind, body, and spirit. In a gender-specific, holistic program like Turnbridge, each client is treated as a whole person and is not defined by their disorder or disease. Here, we believe that these women have the potential to make changes and better themselves.

What Does Holistic Addiction Treatment for Women Entail?

When many hear the phrase “holistic addiction treatment,” they often assume this approach completely discounts traditional medicine. While holistic therapy typically leans towards natural treatments and remedies rather than pharmaceutical ones, the goal of is not to replace traditional methodologies. Instead, holistic treatment providers use them in tandem with alternative methods.

At most holistic treatment centers, you will find a healthy blend of addiction counseling, behavioral therapy, and medical detoxification services that are typically used in rehab facilities. What makes holistic addiction treatment different, however, is the alternative therapies that are worked into its recovery program. In Turnbridge’s women’s addiction treatment programs, we encourage a range of holistic activities such as:

  • Exercise programs
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Knitting
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness work
  • Hiking and other outdoor activities

At Turnbridge in Connecticut, we believe that varied, holistic activities promote a rounded therapeutic experience for young women. From investing themselves in art projects to experiencing nature outside our facilities, each client at Turnbridge has the opportunity to stimulate intellectual curiosity, foster new hobbies and connections, reduce stress and tension, find mental quietude, as well as improve their physical fitness.

What are the Other Benefits of Holistic Addiction Treatment for Women?

  • It is individualized. Holistic addiction treatment uses alternative methods that can be customized to fit a female’s unique needs, interests, and goals for recovery.
  • The underlying root of an addiction is surfaced in holistic treatment. One of the chief principles of holistic therapy is that it works to identify and address the underlying physical, psychological, and spiritual roots of a user’s addiction. This is important in order to break the addiction cycle, and also helps promote a more complete acceptance and healing process for those in recovery.
  • Holistic programs have ideal staff-to-patient ratios. In holistic addiction treatment, clients receive individualized attention from support staff. At Turnbridge, we have an unusually high staff to client ratio of 1:1, making us uniquely equipped to offer immediate attention to the young women in recovery.
  • There is great focus on nutrition and physical well-being. Addiction takes a great toll on the body, and physical health and wellness is crucial to the recovery process. At Turnbridge, nutrition is a major focus – here, healthful meals are prepared three times daily, and clients are taught how to grocery shop for healthy foods and prepare balanced meals. We also encourage an exercise regime for residents, which provides drug-free relief from the longer-term symptoms of addiction (depression, stress, and anxiety), improves sleep patterns and cognitive function, and boosts self-confidence in these young women.
  • Highly trained staff. Holistic treatment providers are highly trained, educated, and experienced in both addiction and recovery. They are specifically equipped with the experience and knowledge needed to counsel, treat, inspire, heal, and promote behavioral changes in clients.
  • A holistic healing environment. Holistic addiction treatment centers are typically located in rural, peaceful environments. This setting not only allows clients to re-connect with nature, it also gives them a safe and secluded environment to focus on self-healing and self-worth. Holistic centers like Turnbridge are surrounded by positive influences and free from outside pressures, encouraging a healthy, happy, calming environment for the young women in recovery.

Where Can I Find Holistic Addiction Treatment?

Turnbridge drug treatment facilities are located in and around New Haven, Connecticut. Set back on a greenery in the heart of the city, our location offers the perfectly balanced setting needed for holistic healing: a mix of rural and urban life. Upon arrival to Turnbridge, clients reside in secluded, protected, gender-specific residences. The location of these residences, women’s recovery centers, and our clinical facility is designed to bring about feelings of tranquility, security, and peace of mind – allowing clients to focus exclusively on getting better.

As they gain more independence and accountability, residents are encouraged to venture downtown to volunteer, attend their 12-step meetings, and take on work and classes. Engaging with a real-world environment is crucial to a lasting recovery as well as personal development, and remains a large component of our gradual reintegration philosophy.

If you or a loved one is looking for holistic addiction treatment, Turnbridge is here for you. You can call us at 877-581-1793 to start a treatment plan today, or explore our treatment programs for young women and men here.