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What is Luxury Drug Rehab, and Is It Right for You?

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All drug rehab centers share a common goal: helping people overcome substance addiction and achieve a lasting recovery. With that said, however, not all drug treatment facilities are the same. There are several types of addiction rehab. In your research, for example, you’ve likely encountered inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. You may have come across short- and long-term programs. You may have seen rehab programs offered within hospitals, in the great outdoors, and in more “luxurious” settings. 

If you are in search of treatment for a loved one, you’ve likely stumbled upon the phrase “luxury drug rehab.” You may have come across websites boasting this name, or its luxury services. This category of drug rehab facilities was established to set upscale, non-hospital rehab centers apart from traditional treatment settings. However, the name itself can raise questions of concern:

  • What is a luxury rehab really? Is it where celebrities go?
  • What makes a luxury drug rehab different from other programs?
  • Is luxury drug rehab as effective as a traditional treatment setting?
  • Can my loved one qualify for a luxury rehab program?

We dive into these questions, and more, below – starting with the basics.

What is a Luxury Drug Rehab?

At a high level, a luxury drug rehab is a residential treatment center that focuses on client comfort and individualized care. As you can imagine, these centers are significantly different from the institutional, hospital-like settings that traditional rehab settings will offer. Luxury drug rehab offers peaceful environments for each client to heal, and amenities to make their stay as comfortable as possible. In addition, clients in these programs receive personalized treatment plans and round-the-clock care.

There are different types of luxury rehab environments, and some are more exclusive than others. One luxury rehab center might offer private living quarters for each client, while another may offer dorm-style residences. Some offer top-tier, resort-like amenities such as swimming pools, spa services, and beautiful views. Others might focus on the key amenities that promote healing – yoga classes, nutritional meal services, and in-house art studios are just some of the comforts you might find. 

Of course, luxury rehab is not a vacation. Rather, the belief behind a luxury drug rehab is that those in recovery need a secure, relaxing, and nourishing environment to heal. Recovery from addiction is complex and uncomfortable – especially at first. Luxury rehab centers help to make each client feel as safe and comfortable as possible, at every step of the way. Many luxury drug rehab programs also have some of the top, leading medical professionals on their teams—ensuring high-quality care.

Is Luxury Drug Rehab Effective, in Comparison to Traditional Rehab Programs?

Luxury drug rehab can be a highly effective path towards recovery. However, as noted above, not all luxury drug rehab programs are the same. Some will offer a higher quality of care than others, and some will offer a greater range of services and therapies for those battling an addiction. At the end of the day, most of these residential rehab programs are focused on providing a comfortable, fruitful setting where clients can find peace and healing. With that said, it’s still important to do your research.

While a safe and comfortable healing environment is important, it is not the only component of a successful recovery. Therefore, it should not be the only focus of your search. When researching different rehab facilities, it is important to ask about their approach to drug treatment, the modalities and therapies used, and their goals for the clients. Ask whether they personalize treatment plans for each client, or whether they approach all cases the same. Be sure to research the reputation of each treatment center, and find one that aligns best with your loved one’s unique needs. Ultimately, the setting your loved one will be most successful in, is the one that is most tailored to his/her demands – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually. This will be the best and most effective choice in treating his or her addiction.

Who Can Attend Luxury Drug Rehab?

Due to the services offered, the coined “luxury drug rehab” programs are typically more expensive than your traditional and state treatment facilities. Often, those who attend the most luxurious rehab facilities are people who have high-profiles and desire more privacy. For example, you may find celebrities and top-level executives in luxury rehab settings, where they can receive treatment in complete confidentiality and enjoy the benefits of a resort-style setting.

With that said, anyone can still attend a luxurious drug rehab. In fact, you will find some luxury rehab settings that don’t claim a luxury title at all, because they want to be more accessible to people in need of treatment. The designation of “luxury drug rehab” may intimidate many people, thinking they cannot afford that high-level of care. When in fact, there are many comfortable, residential rehab programs right within your reach.

Why Don’t We Use the Phrase, “Luxury Drug Rehab”?

At Turnbridge, we recognize that recovery is not luxurious. Substance addiction is not something to glamorize. Yet at the same time, we recognize the value of a beautiful and comfortable treatment setting where clients can feel at ease. We also strive for the highest-quality clinical care. 

Turnbridge believes that the right rehab setting can set a person up for success. Our treatment facilities and sober homes all reflect quality and beauty, two attributes that we ask clients to find in themselves. There is medical evidence supporting beautiful rehab centers, as they can inspire people suffering an addiction. A large library, a recreation center, or even a great window view overlooking the treetops, can have great psychological impact on a person in recovery. Those battling addiction have been through trials and tribulations, and deserve the best possible environment to heal: A place where they feel safe and at ease, where they don’t feel isolated or punished for their disease, but rather, where they are provided the opportunity to heal and grow. 

With that said, you will find many positive, uplifting amenities within our residential programs. You will find luxurious living environments for our residents, equipped with libraries, studios, and in-house gyms. You will find that nutritious meals are prepared for residents, and that they have access to fun and holistic activities during their stays. At the same time, however, you will also find that each client works hard in their recovery – they are attending 12-step meetings, participating in evidence-based therapies, attending counseling, and receiving the individualized care they need to conquer their addictions. 

For this reason, we do not use the term “luxury drug rehab.” This phrase implies that clients will be catered to, when in reality, they are working hard to re-build the skills they need for life after treatment. The goal of the program is to help clients overcome the grip of substance addiction, but also to teach them how to live a healthy, productive life once rehab is complete. Clients learn how to establish healthy relationships, learn coping mechanisms, pursue professional and academic goals, and abstain from drugs and alcohol in real-life situations.

If you are considering a luxury drug rehab program, consider looking beyond the title of luxury. Consider finding a comfortable, caring environment that also offers top-quality clinicians, beautiful residences, and a safe place for your loved one to recover. If you would like to learn more about Turnbridge’s treatment facilities for young men and women, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a recognized treatment center and we are in reach. Call 877-581-1793 today.