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The Misuse of “Luxury Rehab” in Addiction Treatment Today

Addiction is no vacation.  Finding the perfect, long-term addiction treatment facility for your son or someone you love can be an overwhelming process. You want the best clinicians, the strongest support, and the most comfortable environment for him as he begins his journey towards recovery. As you begin your search, you will undoubtedly come across various types of rehabilitation programs—drug or alcohol, detoxification or holistic, teen rehab and/or programs based on the 12-step model, “luxury” or “high end” addiction treatment—how will you know which one is right for your son? 

luxury rehabilitation centerAlcohol or drug addiction can carry great stigma, and many are discouraged to seek treatment at all. As a result, many rehabilitation centers use the term “luxury rehab” to describe their facilities, alluring patients and parents alike into considering their finest of amenities. In the midst of massages, yoga, and gourmet meals, it can be easy for us to lose focus on the core issue of beating an addiction. 

You may be asking, what exactly is “luxury rehab”? Used interchangeably with “premier,” “exclusive,” and “high end” rehab, the term “luxury rehab” does not have a specific definition. Every luxury rehab center will offer their patients different services, and treat drug and alcohol addiction differently. Some will require detoxification prior to entry, others will not. Generally, though, luxury treatment is heavily focused on location. Most luxury rehab centers are set back in an exotic location, on the beach, or in a secluded area of the country. They most often offer private rooms, workspaces, fine dining, room service, spa treatments, and come with a hefty price tag. In some sense, they can be compared to a five-star hotel. 

Yet just as drugs and alcohol are nothing to glamorize, and addiction is far from an escape, recovery is no vacation. Case and point, recovery requires a certain kind of work—a successful treatment program will encourage patients to work on rebuilding a life, to mend relationships, and to redevelop a sense of self. 

There is nothing wrong with the amenities that luxury rehab facilities have to offer to their clients. At the heart of their program does lay a true intention to help their patients get better, and stay better. The problem is what exactly they imply when they deem themselves so exclusively as a luxury treatment center. “Luxury” implies that each patient will be specifically catered to, rather than allowing each patient to regain certain life skills themselves. At Turnbridge, we make it a priority in the recovery process to teach each young man to learn to live on his own, to develop his own and his most reliable coping mechanisms, and to abstain from drugs and alcohol in real life, real time situations. 

Turnbridge does not fit under the title of a luxury rehab center, or even a “rehab” center at all. We do not “fix” an addiction. Instead, we focus on the development, the evolution, and the emergence of each one of our clients into a sober and better self. Part of this emergence involves becoming a part of a community once again. Turnbridge is located in the bustling heart of New Haven, Connecticut. While we have separate sober living houses and treatment facilities, we also encourage that our clients gradually reintegrate into society. By doing so, they can put all they’ve learned at Turnbridge into action. 

While we do not encourage the term “luxury,” we do believe that a beautiful and safe setting supports the expectations of one’s best. There is, in fact, medical reasoning behind treating residents in a beautiful facility. A large library, a private workspace, a recreational center, or even a great window view can have psychological impact on a person, and especially on someone who is constantly at battle. These seemingly little things can give a patient just enough space to relax, to feel safe. A recovering alcoholic or drug user needs to see that he deserves to be there, that recovery is in fact obtainable. No patient should feel hospitalized or punished for his addiction. Rather, he should be given the room and the opportunity to grow. 

We believe that each individual suffering addiction has the potential to find his best possible self, and we believe that each young man fighting addiction deserves to do that here. When one enters the doors to Turnbridge, we want him to feel not only at home, but also to feel inspired. We want him to see that, through this community, through this environment, he can and will make a successful recovery. All of Turnbridge’s housing and facilities reflect the beauty and the quality that we hope our clients eventually come to see within their selves. 

Addiction treatment is for everyone and anyone that needs help. No one should be excluded or discouraged from seeking the treatment they deserve. Every person fighting addiction is fighting for their health, their identity, their purpose, and for their loved ones. Remember this when searching for addiction treatment for your son. He deserves as “luxurious,” as attentive, as focused, a treatment as anyone else. He deserves to be here. Call Turnbridge today at 1-877-581-1793 to learn more.