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Drug Treatment for Young Men

Between the ages of 12-17, a young man undergoes a great amount of changes—physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many parents understand these teenage years as some of the most difficult; their son is hormonal, aggressive, more distant. The behaviors he is exhibiting are primarily a result of certain changes in the brain that actually make an adolescent act out. These changes incite him to act rebelliously, to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and to develop a substance addiction in early adulthood as a result.

The fact is, young adults who begin using any addictive substance before age 15 are six and a half times more likely to develop a substance use disorder than those use later in life. 

drug rehab for young men

Young adults are also the ones who seek treatment less often. At Turnbridge, we understand that asking for help is never easy—especially for young men who do not want to admit the severity of their addiction. When entering rehab, young men often are skeptical. Their hesitation, in many cases, can lead to isolation. It can prevent them from talking and reaching out to others. Our goal is to extinguish this isolation altogether; a young man entering Turnbridge becomes a part of our family on the very first day. We believe that the heart of recovery lies in meaningful relationships, and that a sober community provides the most powerful environment for a young man’s growth away from drug addiction. 

One of the most crucial components of a drug treatment program is the ability to individualize a treatment plan according to one’s age, gender, and personal addiction story. A treatment plan should adhere to this individual’s desire to change, to reach a full recovery, and to pursue a sober lifestyle. At Turnbridge, we offer a three-phased treatment approach, or “Phased Reintegration,” in which young men can walk at their own pace towards recovery. Each of the phases builds off of one another—one cannot move forward to the next phase until he has fully succeeded in the first. We want our clients to take advantage of all that our program has to offer. There is no set timeline at Turnbridge. Every individual is unique, and his journey to sobriety will be as well. As a young man moves through each phase, our support staff will walk beside him, reassuring his readiness to move forward.

Turnbridge is not simply a “rehab” center for young men. It is a community in which young men can grow together in a fun, healthy environment, and further prepare themselves for the next stage of life–sobriety. Through our phased Preparative Care program, clients develop all the life skills necessary for productive living outside of a treatment center. Because the first phase of our program focuses primarily on regulation and routine, young men in treatment are not simply encouraged, but rather, required, to participate in recreational sober activities and attend 12-Step meetings. We use challenge and adventure to engage our clients, to add texture to the inpatient experience. Through activities such as team sports, music studio sessions, and event outings, the young men in recovery become a part of the vibrant community at Turnbridge.

By balancing age-appropriate lectures, training, and clinical/behavioral therapies with recreational activities, each phase of treatment at Turnbridge is specifically tailored to the wants and needs of young men in recovery. Turnbridge focuses on what each young man believes is a necessity for their recovery. Our addiction treatment program is designed to address addiction through the lens of our clients, taking in their mental, physical, and emotional states as young adults. By establishing goals and developing each young man’s willingness to change, we show that sober living is possible and that recovery is obtainable. Call us today at 1-877-581-1793 for more information on our phased treatment program for young men facing addiction.