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5 Ways Rehab Centers for Women Pave the Path Towards Sobriety

Drug abuse, as research has long told us, is most common among men. But did you know that women are just as likely as men to become addicted? Or, that women progress more quickly into addictive disorders than their male counterparts? Some experts believe that women may be more susceptible to drug cravings and relapse. Women are also drawn to different drugs, respond differently to drugs, and require different treatment approaches as a result.

There is no question that drug addiction affects everyone differently, and because of this, drug rehab must be tailored to a user’s individual needs and circumstances. This is especially true for women. If your loved one is battling addiction and in need of rehab, it is crucial to find her a facility that is gender-specific. She deserves the best shot at recovery, and the right women’s rehab center will give her just this – they will identify her needs, address her unique challenges, and design a personalized treatment program with her best interest in mind.

As a renowned rehab center for women in Connecticut and nationwide, Turnbridge understands the unique needs of women in recovery firsthand. That is why we’ve outlined the many ways a women’s-only rehab center can pave the path towards sobriety below:

1. Women’s rehab centers address the unique needs of women.

An effective drug rehab program should work the same for everyone, right? Not necessarily. Drug treatment is not one-size-fits-all. Every person battling an addictive disorder has their own, unique needs, which may vary depending on their age, drug of choice, mental state, and even gender. Rehab centers for women typically recognize this, understanding that addiction affects women very differently than men. And, that there are many issues specific to women with substance use disorders.

For example, women’s bodies respond to drugs differently. They typically progress into addiction faster than men, as well as initiate other high-risk behaviors. Women facing drug addiction are also highly likely to have low self-esteem, a history of trauma or abuse, and co-occurring anxiety and eating disorders. Rehab centers for women tailor their programs to meet these very specific needs. They may also address topics such as childcare, body image issues, sexual assault, and other issues that are common among women with addiction. In many cases, experts find, these issues are buried under drug problems and are not brought forward in generalized, co-ed treatment programs. This can negatively impact a woman’s recovery process.

2. Women’s rehab centers provide a platform for open and honest conversation.

In a women’s addiction treatment program, group meetings and therapies revolve around the female experience. In these sessions, women are welcomed to share their stories, their feelings, any challenges, and their reasons for turning to drugs. This helps them get to the root of their addiction, make connections with their peers, and moves the recovery process forward. Because these conversations are often sensitive and deeply personal, though, rehab centers must establish an open, accepting, and receptive platform for women to speak. And often, women are more comfortable discussing personal matters and intimate experiences with other women. An open, comfortable, accepting platform gives them the opportunity to speak up, ask questions, and share personal parts of themselves.

3. Gender-specific rehab centers offer safe spaces for women in recovery.

Many women facing drug addiction also carry with them deep-rooted traumas such as abuse and assault. Oftentimes, these traumatic experiences are tied back to dominant male figures in their lives, such as male relatives, authorities, and significant others. In many cases, according to addiction research, these male figures and incidents are the direct contributors to these women’s drug abuse: A woman in an abusive relationship starts using drugs to self-medicate or boost her self-esteem (e.g. lose weight). A young woman is introduced to drugs by a boyfriend or spouse, and uses to keep the relationship going. A women’s-only, safe rehab environment gives women like these the opportunity to work through deep-seated issues with other women, with similar histories.

Rehab centers for women, such as Turnbridge, provide a safe and supportive space for young women to heal. There are no outside pressures, no distractions from the opposite gender, and no previously troublesome areas that might disrupt the healing process. Women’s rehab means temporarily getting away from all the negativity that was fueling her addiction; it means eliminating the outside challenges so that women can focus on recovery.

Turnbridge’s drug rehab for women offers a therapeutic setting, designed for self-healing, identity development, as well as addiction recovery. Our gender-separate facilities and residencies allow women to focus on themselves and their goals, without influential relationships or triggers getting in the way.

4. Rehab centers for women have clinical staff specifically trained in female substance use.

Rehab centers for women employ clinicians and staff members who are specifically trained to work with women, making them a great choice for addiction treatment. In Turnbridge’s women’s facilities, for example, our team upholds institutional knowledge that can be extremely supportive for young women in recovery. Specifically, our clinicians have received training and accreditation in women’s substance abuse and young adult drug treatment.

5. They also offer women a means for building healthy, sober friendships.

In the toils of addiction, many women will become isolated and distant from social circles. In drug treatment, we aim to break down those walls, understanding that a sober support system is an essential asset for addiction recovery. A women’s rehab program is one of the best means for building a support network: through 12-step meetings, recreational activities, group therapy, and close-knit residencies, young women have countless opportunities to get to know one another and build meaningful and healthy bonds. These, as we have found at Turnbridge, last well-beyond drug treatment. Those met in recovery most often become the most supportive, loyal friends of all – the ones who you can call when you need a hand or a listening ear. These bonds are key to a successful, long-term recovery.

Choosing a rehab center for women only can pave the path towards long-term sobriety, health, and happiness. Call Turnbridge today at 877-581-1793 to learn more about our women’s drug treatment program.