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Why is Drug Rehab for Young Adults So Important?

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In a culture so consumed by substance use, it is very easy for us to say, “Of course my son is going to drink in college,” and, “She’s just experimenting,” as we shrug off our daughters’ drug use. All too often, we consider drug and alcohol use to be this quick-and-dirty phase that all young adults inevitably go through. All too often, we don’t think of the fast-acting consequences that stem from early drug use.

Did you know that among young adults aged 18 to 25, about one in seven are in need of professional drug rehab? One in seven young adults are already battling a clinical substance use disorder (SUD) by age 25 – But unfortunately, less than two percent receive treatment.

Most young adults will not seek out drug treatment on their own. Some fear that rehab will interfere with their life and education; some are more concerned with what others might think. A large portion of young adult users, however, don’t receive treatment simply because they do not see the need for it.

That is where, as a parent, you come in. Early intervention and a dedicated rehab for young adults are key to your son or daughter’s health.

Adolescence and young adulthood are some of the riskiest times to get involved with drugs and alcohol. Typically, a person’s brain is developing until age 25. Any habits or addictive substances introduced before one’s mid-twenties can have a very negative impact on their brain’s progress— causing cognitive deficits, exacerbating mental health issues, and ultimately posing a greater risk for drug addiction.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), when drugs start at an early age, “they affect key developmental and social transitions, and they can interfere with normal brain maturation.” They cause potentially lifelong consequences, including the loss of IQ, impaired memory, the inability to think rationally, as well as delays in social and educational development. Young adults and adolescents who use drugs are also more likely to have mental health problems accompanying (and possibly contributing to) their substance abuse – making dual diagnosis a must-have in rehab for young adults.

Young adults start using drugs for different reasons than adults. They face different pressures than adults and have different priorities: their social lives and the stresses that come with college are just some that top the list. Young adults use different substances, have different using experiences, and do not go through the same symptoms of drug use and withdrawal as older adults.

At the same time, addiction affects young people differently than it does older individuals, physically, emotionally, mentally, and generally in life. Because of their age, mindsets, and lifestyles, young adults typically do not see the need for treatment. They naturally have much shorter histories of using drugs, and therefore, fewer and less extensive problems. Because of this resistance to treatment, young adults also face a unique set of challenges in addiction recovery. They are often skeptical and unwilling.

Asking for help is never easy—especially for young adults who do not want to admit the severity of their addiction. They do not want to be the odd one out of their friend group, the one who can’t handle the high. They don’t want to be the ones who have to put their education or life on hold to pursue drug treatment. They don’t want to be isolated away at a rehab program— but because of their resistance, end up isolating themselves in the early stages of treatment.

At Turnbridge, our preliminary goal is to extinguish any isolation that young adults feel in recovery, from the very beginning. A young adult entering Turnbridge becomes a part of our family on the very first day. We believe that the heart of recovery lies in meaningful, supportive relationships, and that a sober community provides the most powerful environment for a young adult to heal.

Turnbridge is a recognized young adult drug rehab facility in Connecticut, however, our programs go beyond your typical “inpatient rehab.” We understand that each of our residents is different, and each has a different level of readiness or willingness to change. That is why we offer a phased treatment approach, where teens and young adults can walk at their own pace towards recovery. Each of the phases builds off of one another— a person cannot move forward to the next phase until he or she has fully succeeded in the first. There is no set timeline at Turnbridge. Every individual is unique.

A drug rehab for young adults should always recognize the different needs of each young person in recovery: his or her age, gender, background, drug of choice, strengths, weaknesses, physiological development, behavioral issues, relationships, length of drug use, and readiness to make a change. Then, the rehab program should individualize a young man or woman’s treatment plan according to these needs. Drug rehab for young adults can never be “one size fits all”:

“Whatever a person’s age, treatment is not ‘one size fits all.’ It requires taking into account the needs of the whole person—including his or her developmental stage and cognitive abilities and the influence of family, friends, and others in the person’s life, as well as any additional mental or physical health conditions. Such issues should be addressed at the same time as the substance use treatment.” – the National Institute on Drug Abuse

A young adult drug rehab program should also engage this age group and ensure they are active and involved in their treatment progress. This is key to a young person’s success and willingness to stay sober. Often, young adults must see positive change to want it. They must see the benefits of sobriety. They must meet friends and peers who are in similar shoes, with very similar goals and commitments.

At Turnbridge, our gender-specific treatment programs encourage young adults to grow together and grow sober together in a fun, healthy, supportive environment. Through recreational activities like sober sports leagues, yoga, music studio sessions, and art classes – combined with a focus on nutrition, exercise, relationship-building, education, and vocation – we add texture to the traditional rehab experience. We consider the needs of young adults, and ensure their needs are always being met.

Young adults require specialized, dedicated treatment that is both relevant and tailored to their needs. They must be surrounded by peers of similar ages and experiences. If you are looking for rehab for young adults, it is important to vet each one carefully and ensure your loved one will be engaged in his or her treatment program. To be successful in recovery, young people must be actively involved with it. Find out more about Turnbridge by calling 877-581-1793 today.