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The Value of Support Groups for Parents of Addicts

parent support groups for addiction

Family support is, without a doubt, one of the greatest assets a person can have – especially in addiction recovery. Substance addiction is a physically-debilitating, emotionally-devastating disease that requires a long-standing, stable support system to get through, which many people find that in their family members. The problem is, the disease of addiction does not just affect one person – it affects all of those that are close to him or her. That is why family relationships are often damaged as a result of drug addiction. Addiction causes heartache, it breaks trust.

If you are a parent of an addict, you too may feel a bit broken right now. You may feel as though you cannot take a breath, like there is a constant weight or worry on your chest. You may feel lied to, manipulated, heartbroken, or angry at your child for using drugs despite all the negativity it’s caused. Maybe you blame yourself for your child’s actions and drug use.

As a parent, it is important to know that you are not to blame for your son or daughter’s drug addiction. Any person, of any age or upbringing, can become addicted to drugs. It is also important to know that your loved one did not choose to become addicted. Substance addiction is a chronic disease that affects a user’s brain, and his or her ability to rationalize, make decisions, and exercise self-control. And because it is a chronic disease, it should be treated as so, with ongoing, active management and care.

Recovery from addiction does not happen overnight. If your loved one is currently in recovery, you may already know this firsthand. Addiction recovery is a marathon, a journey, that takes time and patience and support. As your son or daughter works through the steps in recovery, take time to let yourself heal, too. This is a step that many parents of addicts often forget.

At this moment, you may be thinking, “It’s not me that needs help.” You might want to get your child’s addictive problems addressed before getting help for yourself. This is your first priority. But your healing is not any less important. By healing your own heart and mind, you can better help your child heal. By getting support as a parent of an addict, you can better support your addicted son or daughter. You can also become a more active, involved, and integral part of his or her recovery journey.

Just as there is a solution for your child, there is a solution for you. At Turnbridge teen and young adult rehab center, we always recommend support groups for parents of addicts, as well as for affected siblings and immediate family members.

The Importance of Support Groups for Parents of Addicts

Support groups can be an invaluable resource for parents of addicts, who are struggling to cope with a loved one’s addictions or the emotional struggles that have stemmed from it. Support groups bring parents and family members of addicts together, in a safe, open, and judgement-free space where they can speak freely about their family’s struggles with addiction. Parents often share stories of their children, bailing them out of trouble, and punishing them for their actions. Parents also lend advice on how to let go and stop enabling children in recovery. Below, we outline some of the many benefits of support groups for parents of addicts.

  • Support groups help parents feel less alone. Addiction is an isolating disease. More often than not, parents find themselves feeling isolated and alone in their fears – often afraid to talk to others about addiction; afraid of the stigma it carries. But by connecting with other parents of addicts, parents in similar shoes, this fear and isolation lessens. In fact, it is known that those who reach out to others, and who share experiences with others, become stronger. 
  • Support groups help parents redefine love and their views of addiction. They teach parents that addiction is a disease, not a choice or moral failing. They also show parents how to view love differently, with compassion, honesty, and realness. They teach parents not to enable addiction, as well as how to cope with the negative feelings and situations that often arise throughout the recovery process.
  • Support groups can help you find a calm amidst chaos. Support groups are designed to give you an outlet; a place where you can be yourself without being worried about what others might think. And as you heal and get stronger, you will become a healthier version of you. This added stability – amidst your child’s addiction – will allow you to be a solid support for your child.

Why Healing for Parents of Addicts is So Vital for Their Child’s Sobriety

It is well-known among treatment professionals that the family is an integral part of a teen or young adult’s recovery. If the whole family system gets involved in the recovery of a child, the odds of their child doing better and achieving lasting sobriety is enhanced. The less a family does, the less of the child’s chances of lasting success.

Parents of addicts must help themselves, in order to help their children. Support groups and other family support methods – such as educational workshops and therapy sessions – can help parents learn how to properly help their son or daughter.

Where to Find Addiction Support Groups for Your Family

There are various parent support groups on the topic of addiction. Some focus on the 12-steps, while others focus simply on getting parents together. No matter what, support groups for parents of addicts are designed to empower the adult figures in a young addict’s life, so that they can then empower their child to live a sober, healthy life.

Turnbridge welcomes all parents who are concerned with their child’s substance use. We welcome parents from all stretches of the country, of all backgrounds, to join our free support groups for parents of addicted children, teens, and young adults. For over 15 years, Turnbridge has remained the leader in adolescent and young adult addiction treatment, and the treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders. Though are treatment programs are central to New Haven, CT, we offer parent support groups across Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. These meetings are free and open to any parents of a child with substance use concerns.  No program affiliation is required to attend.

Call 877-581-1793 for more information about joining a parent support group today.