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The Impact of Addiction on Teens

Teen Drug Addiction Treatment

While the disease of addiction is devastating to anyone, the root cause and impact on teens can be extraordinary. Simply put, teens who suffer from addiction are one of the most difficult populations to help recover.  Often the stress of addiction and/ or mental health issues is compounded by the unique age-specific social pressures of school and peers.  Our innovative “three phased” teen rehab approach focuses on the specific physical, emotional, social and clinical needs of teens. It provides the time necessary for meaningful therapy to actually address the root cause of the addiction, and further it allows for the individualized attention this age group demands.

Our Teen Rehab Program

Our innovative and unique “Phased Reintegration” model (Phases I, II & III) is our approach to teen rehab. It is a recovery “building block” approach, where each phase is designed to build upon the previous one.   It exposes the resident to a drug-free world gradually, as their coping skills, self-esteem, and recovery tools become sufficient to identify and navigate the complicated obstacles specific to teens in recovery; such as acceptance of their disease, school involvement, interpersonal development, etc. With gradually less intense levels of supervision and increasing levels of responsibility and self–sufficiency, our teen rehab program focuses on the specific physical, emotional, and clinical needs of teens, while providing the time necessary for meaningful therapy to actually address the root cause of their addiction.

“Peanut Butter on the Pill” – We Understand Teen Addiction

At Turnbridge we don’t simply address the addiction; moreover, we expose our residents to the real world gradually as they develop an understanding of their disease, and the underlying issues that led to their drug use in the first place.  We integrate age-appropriate group lectures, individual therapy sessions, medication management, and life skills training into our daily regimen.

But most importantly we understand that our clients are still young, and subsequently too much focus on behavioral and clinical change will hamper their willingness to change and grow.  As a result we put a tremendous amount of “peanut butter” on our “pills.”  We provide countless recreational activities each and every week in our teen rehab program.  If our clients aren’t “jamming” in our state of the art recording studio, they are hiking, or fishing, wakeboarding, or performing mixed martial arts, or snowboarding.  Whatever teens like to do, we provide it and we provide it regularly. It is the delicate balance between intense clinical and behavioral therapies camouflaged with age appropriate recreational activities that foster the desire to form new healthy meaningful relationships, while building the skills to resist relapse, and learning new coping skills to ensure healthy future choices.