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What Happens in Drug Rehab?

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In 2016, an estimated 21 million people over age 12 were diagnosed with a clinical substance use disorder and therefore required professional treatment. Yet less than 2 percent actually received it. This is especially true among younger generations – according to national data, only 0.7 percent of addicted adolescents, and 1.8 percent of young adults with a substance disorder, will get the help they need.

The majority of people do not pursue drug rehab because they feel they simply don’t need it. Addiction is very hard to self-diagnose, largely because of the chemical shifts that occur within a user’s brain. They may not know the severity of their drug use or see the negative impact that it’s stirred.

Among those that do feel they need treatment, most are not ready to stop using and therefore don’t get help. Some are afraid of what might happen to their body, their minds, their health, if they stop and detox – They fear withdrawal. Others are more scared of the stigma behind addiction and drug rehab. In fact, 13.5 percent of addicted adults worry about their community – friends, neighbors, peers – having a negative opinion on drug rehab. As a result, many people choose not to seek out the treatment they need. Many keep their drug addictions in the dark – which, at the very least, is unhealthy and isolating.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, you too may understand the hesitation or fear that comes with getting help. Perhaps that is why you’re here now. You know that you can’t continue on with your drug use, yet at the same time, you do not know what drug rehab will truly do. Will it do anything at all? Will it help you overcome addiction, or is it just a temporary fix? What happens in drug rehab? Is it painful, boring, confrontational, isolating, confining? Will rehab break you or change you?

These are some of the many questions – and myths – that people carry to drug rehab. That’s why asking, “What happens in drug rehab?” is so important. You want to know what to expect. You want to ensure you’re choosing the right drug treatment program. You want to find a program that works.

We get it completely. And as a leading treatment center for young adults, Turnbridge can tell you that it’s not going to be easy – especially at first. But drug rehab also isn’t scary. The right rehab center will get to know you, your addiction story, and your needs – and will help you create a recovery plan that works. You will learn how to develop friendships, trust, and healthy habits again. You will have support whenever you need it. You feel both uncomfortable and comfortable at times, but in all the right ways. And you will get through your addictive behaviors and grow from them.

Turnbridge is a young adult drug rehab center helping young men, young women, and teens across the country overcome addiction. To help ease your mind and give you some clarity about drug rehab, we’ve outlined exactly what happens in our evidence-based treatment programs.

  • A Safe, Substance-Free Setting. Environment plays an important role in recovery and should always support your sobriety. This is what you’ll find at Turnbridge. Here, you won’t be tempted or surrounded by the drug use, bars, partying, peer pressure, or stresses that you’d encounter at home. Rather, you are given a safe and stable place, as well as enough time, to focus on only your healing and yourself. Unlike many drug rehab centers, Turnbridge does give you access to the vibrant community surrounding our rehab facilities. As you move through the Phases of our program, we will encourage you to develop independence, move to nearby sober living homes, and find work and volunteer opportunities outside our campus.
  • Holistic and Recreational Activities. In our drug rehab programs, young men and women are encouraged to participate in sober, recreational, and healthful activities, which are often tailored to their interests. Holistic activities such as martial arts, yoga, and meditation, combined with music studio sessions, art workshops, team sports, and group outings (such as ski and snowboard trips) are some of the many activities available at Turnbridge. We believe daily, sober activities serve as alternative ways to resolve stress, reduce anxiety and cravings, and build supportive relationships while having fun in rehab.
  • A Focus on Healthy Living & Nutrition. Especially in the early weeks of rehab, a healthy routine is crucial to recovery. From the beginning of your stay, we will show you how to develop healthy eating habits and exercise routines, giving you a healthier physique as well as state-of-mind. Over time, we will also teach you how to shop for and prepare nutritious meals.
  • Family Involvement. Family support is key to one’s recovery. That is why Turnbridge encourages families to stay actively engaged in their loved one’s treatment through our Family Liaison program. For family members and parents, we also have support groups and healing workshops, so that family members can learn how to cope and assist with their loved one’s recovery.
  • Evidence-Based Behavioral Therapy. At Turnbridge, we utilize several different types of evidence-based treatment models, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These therapies help clients improve communication, build relationships, and develop coping mechanisms and stress management skills. We teach clients new life skills to avoid relapse triggers, deal with cravings, and further show how they can replace drug using habits with healthy, rewarding ones.
  • Group Therapy & Support Groups. In addition to one-to-one counseling sessions, you will participate in several group therapy sessions. Group therapy involves peers of your same age group and gender, all coming together to talk about and work through their drug problems.
  • Gender-Specific Programs – On top of being surrounded by peers of your same age group, you will also be surrounded by those of your same gender at Turnbridge. Young men and women often have unique experiences with drug use; their bodies and minds have been impacted differently, and they will therefore heal differently. Having gender-specific treatment programs helps each client focus on their emotional and physical healing, without outside pressures. They can also better build relationships, develop trust, open up and relate to one another in secure, reassuring, same-gender settings.

Turnbridge is not simply a “drug rehab” for young adults. It is a community in which teens and young adults can grow together in a fun, supportive, healthy environment, and prepare themselves for their next stage of life—sobriety. Through our phased program, clients develop all the life skills necessary for coping with drug addiction and leading a productive, drug-free life outside of a rehab center.

Turnbridge uses challenge and adventure to engage clients, to add depth to the inpatient rehab experience, and to encourage meaningful, sober relationships in rehab – through team sports, event outings, group therapies, 12-step meetings, meditation and mindfulness, workout regimes, family counseling sessions, and more. Counseling, clinical/behavioral therapies, and sober activities are all tailored to each individual client – No addiction is the same, no person is the same, and therefore, no treatment plan can be one-size-fits-all. At Turnbridge, your recovery journey and your drug rehab experience will be completely unique to you.

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