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Bromley Mountain VT. For Skiing!

On Tuesday, January 6, a few of Turnbridge rehab center’s Phase I and Phase II residents and two Support Staff members packed up the Suburbans with ski and snowboard gear for the fourth time this year and drove up to Bromley Mountain, Vermont for a full day of shredding up the slopes.  Ski trips are always a blast for residents and Recreation Coordinator, Casey Olayos likes to plan a trip every other week during the winter months.  “It’s a freeing trip for resident,” explains Casey.  “The guys get a bit of a vacation from the daily activities of Turnbridge and being up on the mountain provides a peaceful escape from the tough work they’re doing every day.  They always seem to have a good time too, I’ve never gotten a negative review.”

Some of the guys bring their own equipment, but most residents rent skis or snowboards for the day.  “I haven’t been skiing very much recently,” says Matt S., a resident currently in Phase II.  “So it was a nice opportunity to get back out and try it again.  It was definitely my favorite day I’ve had at Turnbridge so far.”

At Turnbridge, we believe it is crucial for young men in early sobriety to realize that it is possible to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.  Recreational activities provide residents the opportunity to come to that realization.  Trips like the one to Bromley Mountain give the guys a chance to build close relationships with one another, and with staff members, while having fun and trying exciting new things.

Charles S., a resident in Phase I, seized the opportunity to form a connection with one of the Turnbridge employees.  “I spent most of the day hanging out with Chris Meyer (a Phase I Support Staff member) and got to know him really well, which was cool,” says Charles.  “All in all, I had a great time.”

Next month, Casey has some big events planned for Phases I and II.  Among the activities are a Chris Brown, Trey Songz and Tyga concert, WWE’s Road to Wrestlemania and the 2015 Masters of Illusion magic show in New York.