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ON TRACK KARTING – “Having Fun in Sobriety is What We’re About”


This month, Turnbridge’s Phase I residents headed to On Track Karting in Wallingford for some high-speed indoor racing. On Track boasts “some of the longest and fastest indoor kart tracks in the country,” and residents were excited to hop in and take the carts for a spin. There’s always room for a little healthy competition, and the guys were quick to test out their mettle as they raced around the curving tracks. “It was fun,” Mike R. said. “They went fast. The best part was competing against the rest of my peers.” According to Chris H., this month’s recreation activity was one of his favorite events to date. “I was pretty excited,” Chris said. “I like driving. It was a good track, and they had pretty decent go-carts. There were a few incidents that were pretty funny.” “It was awesome,” Cameron B. said. “We had a really good time. The people there were great. It was good to get out and get the adrenaline pumping. Racing with a lot of speed was fun.” Learning to have fun again is a crucial component of the Turnbridge program, and the recreational coordinators do an outstanding job of organizing new and exciting events each month. Go-carting was the first of many activities planned by new Recreation Coordinator, Casey Olayos. “I’ve got tons planned for the next couple of months,” Casey said. “There will be new things for a lot of them. Maybe they’ll find a hobby and run with that when they leave here. I’m most excited to use my connections around here to show these guys some new things, to open up their eyes and show that we can have fun and be sober. Having fun in sobriety is what we’re about.” Residents are in for a fun-filled winter. Casey’s upcoming activities include a PI versus PII basketball game at a local gym, laser tag, and ski trips in December.