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Phase I Goes Snowmobiling

On Thursday, February 19, Turnbridge’s Phase I clients and support staff members loaded up the Suburbans and headed off to go snowmobiling at Mount Snow in Vermont.  The concept was suggested by Phase I client Brett L. and planned and set up by Recreation Coordinator Casey Olayos and Phase I Director John Stewart.  “It was an unbelievable time,” says Casey.  “We were going 65 miles an hour at some points and we ended up riding for four straight hours!  We had a guide take us through trails and everyone just had a blast.”

Brett L., the Phase I client (and avid sportsman) who came up with the idea, had a great time.  “My favorite part was when we got to this frozen reservoir and we really got to pick the speed up,” explains Brett.  “It brought us close together because we really had to put our trust in everyone else because we were riding in a single file line at high speeds.”

Phase I client Dan D. also had an exciting experience at Mount Snow.  “It was the most fun I’ve ever had sober,” says Dan.  “It was healthy rush.  It reinforced that I could have fun sober.”

At Turnbridge, recreational activities play a major part of the Preparative Care drug rehab program.  It is imperative that young men in early sobriety realize that it is possible to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol.  Sober activities such as snowmobiling also give clients the chance to bond with one another, and with staff members, while gaining new life experiences.

Next month, Casey Olayos has organized more go-cart trips, trampoline park visits, and paintballing, as well a visit to Webster Bank Arena for a monster truck show