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On Tuesday, December 3, Turnbridge’s Phase I residents and a member of the support staff hopped in a van and took the three hour drive up to Vermont’s Bromley Mountain for a day on the slopes. Ski trips are one of the yearly favorites for the Turnbridge residents, and Recreation Coordinator Casey Olayos put together an exceptional trip. 539 At Turnbridge, recreational activities play an important role in the recovery process. They bring residents and staff together to gain new experiences and forge greater bonds. These events help show the residents that it is possible to live a fun and exciting life in recovery. “It was really good,” Chris W. said. “Skiing has been my favorite so far. The [rec events] are nice because they bring us to outside activities instead of us being in one place all of the time.” Aside from the activities themselves, the simple act of leaving the house and driving to an event can facilitate sense camaraderie within the group. “I really enjoyed it,” John V. said. “The conditions were good, and we had a good group of guys. It may sound ridiculous, but I liked more the conversations that I had with Chris M. (support staff) on the drive. He’s really motivating.” The activities, although outside of a clinical setting, can still serve to spread awareness of the recovery process, and, as always, Turnbridge shows young men that sobriety can be fun.