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Volunteering at The Cherry Blossom Festival

New Haven’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Historic Wooster Square

On Sunday April 14th, thirty-two of Turnbridge’s Phase III residents volunteered at New Haven’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Historic Wooster Square. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the event. The festival features a day filled with live music, great food, and the perfect atmosphere surrounded by budding Cherry Blossom trees. The Turnbridge residents volunteered in shifts, beginning in the early morning to set up and stretching throughout the day. They primarily worked with the local business Chabaso Bakery, unloading boxes of bread and handing loaves out to festival attendees. Volunteers also arranged booths, organized vendor layout and assisted local musicians with setting up onstage. According to Turnbridge’s Phase III Case Manager, Pete McConnell, this is the second year that residents have volunteered at the festival. When Turnbridge first opened the Phase III Academy Street residence last year, locals were initially skeptical. Through community efforts like their volunteer work, Turnbridge and its residents have altered public perception of those in recovery and are now welcomed as assets in the community.