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AARON G – Working Hard to Regain Sobriety

Aaron G. is a recent graduate of the Turnbridge drug rehab program.  Aaron’s marijuana abuse caused him to lose his job, and he lost hope in life.  After seeking help for his addiction from his parents, Aaron found the Turnbridge program and has worked hard to regain both his sobriety and his hope for a bright future. Aaron began smoking marijuana recreationally at the age of 13.  Over time, the cause and effects of smoking started to shift, and it began to take a negative toll on his life.  “It was all fun and games, but it slowly became more of a habit and a necessity as opposed to a good time,” Aaron said.  “Smoking went from being fun to more of a medicated reason to smoke, to keep me happy and to keep life going.  I think that started probably when I was around 21, maybe 20.” How to Regain Sobriety Aaron’s battle culminated at the age of 22 when he was fired from his job after getting caught using marijuana.  “That just sent me all the way down,” Aaron said.  “I had thoughts of suicide and asked for help.”  According to Aaron, his parents were relieved that he asked for help, and they sprang into action.  Within two weeks, they located the Turnbridge residential treatment center and Aaron soon entered his residency. “First coming in, I was very hesitant,” Aaron said.  “I wasn’t looking forward to spending nine months to a year up here.  [The transition] was difficult at first, being in a new area.  I think right around the middle of Phase III I finally accepted it.  I stopped going through the motions and really started to pay attention, and started to enjoy it.  That was thanks to my case manager [Rob Deffendall], who really helped me see the better side of recovery as opposed to seeing it as a punishment and something that’s not going to be fun.” Since coming to Turnbridge, Aaron has noticed several positive changes about himself, particularly his maturity and his “drive for a successful life and hope for a future.” After graduating, Aaron moved into a local sober living home.  He works as a member of Turnbridge’s Phase II culinary staff and continues to work on his recovery program.  In June, he will move back home to Florida where he plans to study marine technology.  To those entering the Turnbridge rehab center, he offers this advice: “Keep an open mind, and just listen to what everybody has to say.  It really works.  Just give it a chance.”