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KEN W. – From Psychiatric Hospital & Rehab to True Recovery at Turnbridge

Ken W. came to Turnbridge in February 2013, and is currently a resident in Phase III. After years of struggling with addiction and depression, Ken made the decision to get sober in August 2012. He has since worked hard to better his outlook and improve his life. Ken was introduced to marijuana just before turning 13, and his issues with drugs and alcohol soon spiraled out of control. “I was a really good student up until I graduated high school,” Ken said. “I’m a musician and I went to a small community school. All had big hopes for me. There were a lot of things that I was passionate about. I went from being an optimistic kid with a lot of ambition to being suicidal and suffering from chronic depression within two years. I was a regular at the psych ward. It hit me really hard, really quick.” Since making the decision to get sober, Ken has had a difficult and long journey that has included involuntary admission into a local psychiatric hospital and several attempts at rehab. “I lost everything,” Ken said. “I dropped out of college and I got fired from my job. I was scared to go outside of my house. It got to the point where I was like, either use or die. I was still using, Xanax and cough syrup, things I justified, saying I’m not drinking so it’s fine. I had been lying in my bed for about four days, locked in my room, and my aunt came to visit. She convinced me to go back to rehab.” Ken W. came to Turnbridge in February 2013Ken followed his aunt’s advice and successfully completed Caron’s program in Pennsylvania. During his 37-day stay at Caron, Ken was given the option to either enter a half-way house upon graduation or to enroll in Turnbridge’s program. “I really saw something at Turnbridge that would actually help me out,” Ken said. “I was going to tell my counselor that I wanted to go the half-way house, but I felt so guilty, and I said that I should go to Turnbridge. Ever since I got here my life has turned completely around. I feel the most independent and mature I have my entire life. I really appreciate this program. Although sometimes I struggle, I always struggle and learn from it. I wasn’t doing that before I came here. I feel better than I ever have. I’m excited and optimistic. I appreciate life.” During his time at Turnbridge, Ken has been able to reconnect with his passion for music and he has performed several times throughout the New Haven area. He is continuing to pursue his music career and plans to soon further his education, possibly with a degree in environmental science or sustainable agriculture. Ken recently became an intern at a local environmental organization and is currently working to spread awareness about the harmful effects of overdevelopment and a coal plant operating in Bridgeport. “My mom throughout this whole thing has been my rock,” Ken said. “Without her, I would never have gone to any other programs besides the first one. She’s a single parent and she raised me on her own; I owe her a lot. Our relationship keeps getting better and better. I can trust her, she can trust me, and I value the relationship very much.”