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NICK M – From New Roads Addiction Treatment Center to Turning Point Extended Care and Sober Living

NICK M From New Roads Addiction Treatment Center

From New Roads Drug Rehab to Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living

Nick M. came to Turnbridge after completing primary treatment center at New Roads Treatment Center in Utah, and he is making great progress in continuing his life in recovery. Nick first began using at the age of 18, when he attended college at Penn State. “It changed my whole perspective,” Nick said. “I thought that life was just a party, and that I could get messed up every. I didn’t think I had any responsibilities. I played lacrosse in college; I used to be really active. I stopped playing, and began wasting away. I was lazy, depressed, and miserable.” Nick left school only a few credits shy of a bachelor’s degree, and returned home where things steadily began to worsen. “My parents realized that I had a drug problem. They were very upset. They didn’t think that I would ever go down that path. They were heartbroken. They tried everything in their power to help me.” Nick’s first drug rehab experience was soon after at a facility in Florida, but he didn’t take the program, or recovery seriously. “I stayed clean for about a week, and went back to what I used to do,” Nick said. He managed to cover up his relapse, and he continued to use for about three months before things started to go downhill again. At this point, Nick’s parents became involved again, and he was sent to Utah for another treatment attempt. “I was a mess for the first two weeks,” Nick said. “I relapsed in the second week, but they gave me a second chance. I stayed 60 days after coming back. I left in good standing, and came to [Turnbridge extended care and sober living], and I’ve been doing well since then. When I first started, I wasn’t willing. I didn’t think that I had a problem with my addiction. I thought that I could go through life and just stop one day. I was just miserable, and I came to realize that I needed help.” “I finally began making the effort to do the work involved with the extended care program, and things are starting to turn around. My perspective has changed. I feel that there’s a lot more things to life than just using every day. My family is a part of my life now. I’m there for them. I’m there for my friends. I have a better understanding of what life’s really about. I’m really glad that I chose Turnbridge. They have helped me a lot since I got clean, and [the program] is really setting me up for a bright future.”