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VINNY C – Discovering the Benefits of Sobriety

Benefits of Being Sober

Vinny C. is a recent graduate of the Turnbridge program.  He spent several years in and out of various rehab centers, but since entering Turnbridge’s  long term drug rehab program, Vinny has discovered the benefits and stability of living a sober life. Vinny’s problems with drugs began in his early teenage years.  Like many addicts, he began smoking marijuana and sold drugs as a teen.  Over time, his drug abuse shifted, depending on what he was currently selling, and at the age of sixteen he became addicted to opiates.  During this time period he was arrested on several occasions, with charges ranging from possession to breaking and entering. Discovering the Benefits of Being Sober“I was living from couch to couch,” Vinny said.  “I spent a lot of nights sleeping outside.  I was breaking into houses, getting high, and being miserable.”  At the age of 20, four years after becoming addicted to opiates, Vinny attempted his first addiction treatment program.  “I did a week and then I got out,” Vinny said.  “The day I got out I started getting high.” This cycle of short-term recovery attempts and relapse continued for a while, including sixteen detox visits and five extended care programs.  “I didn’t really want to get clean,” Vinny said.  “I wasn’t really sure about this time, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  In [primary treatment] they suggested Turnbridge, a residential treatment center, and I said I’d go.” At Turnbridge, Vinny found the environment and structure that he needed.  Vinny credits the Turnbridge program for the mixture of increasing freedom and teaching necessary life skills.  “Turnbridge was really one of the only extended care programs that I went all the way through and actually completed,” Vinny said.  “It was definitely the way it was set up.  You don’t have too much freedom at first, but they take you out to do stuff.  You’re sober, but you still have fun.  As they give you more freedom you learn how to manage your time and money.  The case managers and support staff played a big part, and the guys that I went through the program with are all a lot of my good friends now.” Since embracing recovery, Vinny has noticed several changes within himself, and he is in the process of mending broken relationships with his family.  “I actually care about people now,” Vinny said.  “I have responsibilities that I put before other things.  Before I go out and have fun I make sure that all of my bills are paid.  I make sure all of my stuff is taken care of.  I’ve definitely matured, and I take pride in my sobriety.  My family is in my life now.  They asked me to come home for Easter; in the past four years they never wanted me to come home for any holidays.  I’m paying my own way, and it feels good.  Things are better than they ever were.”