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CHAS LANKFORD – An Unsung Hero

Chas Lankford is a Case Manager in Phase III

Chas Lankford has been a Case Manager in Phase III of the Turnbridge program for almost two years. He began his career as a case manager about 18 years ago when he started working at the Children’s Center of Hamden. As a case manager there, Chas helped local adolescents with substance abuse issues. Six years later, he had a daughter and left the human services field to work in IT for ten years. “The [IT] job was good as far as salary and benefits,” Chas said. “But I missed working with the guys, and helping young men get their lives on track. When an opportunity [at Turnbridge] came up, David Vieau talked to me and I took it. I’m really happy and glad that I did.” “I help these guys stay focused and build life skills. I’m in constant contact with them and their families, making sure that they’re doing what they need to do.” According to Chas, the most difficult part of working as a case manager is “seeing guys really have a hard time and struggle with this disease. “I’ve been sober for over 19 years. I know what it’s like to be 20-years’-old and trying to get clean. I think that’s what makes me most effective. I grew up in recovery myself; I get it.”