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CHRIS MYER – Unsung Hero

Chris Meyer is Turnbridge's Unsung Hero for June

Chris Meyer is Turnbridge’s Unsung Hero for June. Since September, Chris has worked as a member of the Support Staff for Phase I, and he has found meaning in his newfound career. According to Chris, his main concern as Support Staff is maintaining the safety of Turnbridge’s residents. He works with the residents on a daily basis, providing support and transportation, and observing medication adherence. As a result of his close relationship with the residents, Chris is able to witness their recovery progress from virtually day one. According to Chris, the most rewarding aspect of his job as Support Staff is “seeing the guys celebrate a year of sobriety.” “Basically I’m like a peer to them, like a recovery coach,” Chris said. “I feel like I influence them in some positive way, and somehow help them in their recovery. Plus, working in Phase I I get to see them most resistant to the program and I get to see that change over the course of them being there a year.” Chris left a lucrative position in sales to work as a member of Turnbridge’s recovery community, and he hasn’t looked back. “The purpose of life is a life of purpose,” Chris said. “I found that at Turnbridge. It’s a lot more rewarding than selling t-shirts. I made a lot of sacrifices to work for Turnbridge, but they were worth it. Turnbridge is the best job that I’ve ever had. I would never have gotten the Unsung Hero if it wasn’t for Casey Olayos and Dave Freedman.”