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JOE GREENFIELD – Helping Others Start A Life After Rehab

Joe Greenfield is the Discharge Planner for Turnbridge

Joe Greenfield has been the Discharge Planner for Turnbridge since September of 2012. He is mainly involved with residents in the final stages of Phase III but also deals with residents in Phase I & II as needed. As Discharge Planner, Joe is primarily responsible for “helping guys reintegrate back into the community when they leave Turnbridge.” This is a complex process that includes housing arrangements, finding a job, going back to school and managing money amongst other things. Joe began working as a member of Turnbridge’s support staff during his residency and has continued working with the program since graduation. He later became a Phase I Support Staff Manager prior to taking the position of Discharge Planner. In regards to his current role in the organization, “I love it,” Joe said. “It can be very stressful at times. The most rewarding part is helping the kids and their families; helping the young man who successfully completes the program and reintegrates into the community and starts having a normal life again.”