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JEANNE – Turnbridge Gave Him the Confidence & Skills He Needed

Jeanne is the mother of Kevin D.

Jeanne is the mother of Kevin D., a recent graduate from Turnbridge Extended Care Sober Living. After a major health scare, Kevin and his family sought help and he is now fully in recovery and making significant progress in a new life. According to Jeanne, Kevin’s drug use began in college and quickly escalated. During his freshman year at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Kevin began experimenting with drugs. He moved to off-campus housing for his sophomore year and the “drug use went from recreational to substantial.” “In his junior year we realized something was up,” Jeanne said. “Whenever he came home he wanted to go back to school quickly. When he was home, he was withdrawn, and when he was back at school there was less and less contact. We had trouble getting a hold of him and things progressively got worse when he went back after Christmas break.” On March 2, 2012, Jeanne and her husband, David, received a phone call from Kevin’s school and found out that he was heavily using prescription drugs and had almost overdosed. “It was a rude awakening,” Jeanne said. “We were pretty devastated.” David rushed to Baltimore and took Kevin to a detox facility in Stonington, CT where he remained for five days. Following detox, Kevin went to Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center in Canaan, CT, and successfully completed a 30-day treatment there before entering Turnbridge’s long term drug rehab program in April. “He was successful at all three,” Jeanne said. “We relied on what the professionals were telling us to do. I guess they knew what they were doing because Kevin’s doing great.” Kevin graduated from Turnbridge in December of 2012, and moved to Manhattan where he is studying digital animation at the School of Visual Arts. “He has changed so much,” Jeanne said. “He is much more mature and optimistic. He seems to see the positive side of things. He’s working hard at school and is really happy where he is right now.” “Turnbridge was a wonderful resource,” Jeanne said. “Not only did they help Kevin but they helped my husband and me. We went to all three of Diana Clark’s Family Healing Workshops. She was excellent. It really did help us cope and to learn what we needed to learn in order to help our son. Turnbridge gave him the confidence and a lot of the skills that he needed to go to school. He is much more committed to what he wants to accomplish. They worked on the whole man instead of just the drug addiction; they helped him to be a stronger person. Trust the professionals at Turnbridge. They know what they’re doing.”