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Turnbridge Experiential Therapy: Sober Skiing

Sober Skiing

Stowe, Vermont is a popular hotspot for snowbirds, and recently the Turnbridge residents were able to experience the ski slopes for themselves. “We use trips like these to promote bonding between the residents,” said Brendan Paul, Program Coordinator. “The Mt. Mansfield at Stowe resort was the perfect place.” Paul supervised two trips to Mt. Mansfield, driving two groups of skiers and snowboarders to the lodge. “We had great conversations on the ride up,” said Paul. “The objective of taking the residents away from Turnbridge for a little while is pretty simple: to teach them that the process doesn’t have to focus completely on a 12-step program, school or thier career path. We’re teaching them how to live and enjoy life in a healthy way.” Sean S., whose parents own the lodge in Stowe and donated its use for the week to Turnbridge, had a “blast.” “I love the lodge, but I just couldn’t wait to get on the mountain,” said Smith, who taught himself how to snowboard. “This was the first trip I went on, and it couldn’t have been better. We stayed on the slopes all day, and then came back and cooked dinner, and just talked and hung out. It was the change of pace we all needed, I think.” The residents all agree on the success of the trip: Dan D. said he now feels more comfortable with the others, and has come out of his shell a bit. “I noticed I was joking around with everyone, and having a good time without even trying. When we got back to Turnbridge, I was more relaxed, and just happier in my place here.”