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Sober Perspective: Ed Doyle and Music Therapy

Ed Doyle - Phase I & Music Program Coordinator

Ed Doyle – Phase I & Music Program Coordinator Research has shown that music can improve an addicted individual’s coping mechanisms and distress tolerance skills. Many recovering addicts will write a song or listen to poignant lyrics rather than turning to drugs or alcohol. Through music-assisted relaxation and guided therapy, patients learn healthy ways to cope. As individuals become responsible for making their own musical choices, they come to realize that only they can control the quality of their lives. Music is a big part of the Turnbridge program. The program’s coordinator, Ed Doyle is a long time Turnbridge staff member and alumni. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory, and is currently working towards his certificate in Addiction Counseling. Ed is an accomplished musician, proficient on the drums, guitar, and keyboard. Ed offers his insight into the health and spiritual benefits of working with music. “In my experience, improvisational music lends itself to not only interaction with other musicians in real time, but causes you to focus on the moment itself. The best times I’ve had with music involve interacting with others, improvising, and communicating with other musicians. The percussion circles, which practice exercises such as ‘Call and Respond,’ where the musicians have to listen and repeat rhythms back, is the type of music therapy group that I’m in charge of.” Ed Doyle can be reached at 203.937-2309 x106 or email him at edoyle@tpextendedcare.com.