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CINDY – “At Turnbridge He Started To Come Alive Again”

Cindy H.

Cindy H., the sister of recent Turnbridge graduate Eric V., played an integral role in helping her brother find the guidance and support he needed to turn his life around. A little over a year ago, fearing for her brother’s life, Cindy confronted Eric with her concerns about his wellbeing. Shortly after, Eric made the decision to seek the help that he needed and has since come a very long way. Eric is nearing his one year anniversary of continuous sobriety, and has worked hard and kept an open mind to be where he is today. During a family gathering at Cindy’s house last fall, Eric left to meet friends, and when he returned he was extremely hyper before falling asleep. When he awoke, he was clammy, and it was clear to Cindy then that he had been using. “I took him outside and said, ‘Eric, do you want to die, or do you want to get help,'” Cindy said. Eric told Cindy that he wanted to get help, and from there the family quickly sought the best options for detox and treatment. ving  Following his conversation with Cindy, Eric underwent five days of detox and was then admitted into primary treatment at Mountainside Treatment Center. Eric completed his treatment at Mountainside, and then stayed on as a member of the staff while waiting for an opening at Turnbridge. From there, he has taken great strides in altering his lifestyle and maintaining a sober network. “He’s Eric again,” Cindy said. “He has always been the wittiest person I’ve met in my life. The kid can make you smile, and make you laugh. He has ambition again, and I can see the life in his eyes.” “I’ve seen him go from his lowest point at detox,” Cindy said. “During the first visit at Mountainside, he seemed so sad and embarrassed, and his body was depleted. At Turnbridge, he started to come alive again, and now, he’s alive.” Cindy and the family were supportive of Eric’s recovery efforts, and with hard work and Turnbridge’s help, he is well on his way to living a good life. “I trust him,” Cindy said. “I believe that he’s honest with me. I credit Turnbridge for that. I believe that he’s going to live a good life. Eric always says I saved his life, but the truth is he saved mine because I don’t know how I would have ever gone on if something would have happened to him. He worked to change his life. He has a better network of friends, and he has a better relationship with family. He wanted it, and he fought for it. I really could not be more proud of him.”