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ODETAH CAMPING RESORT – A Peaceful Weekend in the Great Outdoors


One of Turnbridge’s most anticipated outings brought the Phase I residents to Odetah Camping Resort in Bozrah, CT. The residents and accompanying staff spent two nights camping out in theCAMPINGTRIP crisp autumn air. The days were packed with activities to suit all interest levels, and at night the guys enjoyed the opportunity to relax in the firelight and disconnect from modern distractions. On Friday, September 27th, the Phase I residents drove up to the campground for a peaceful weekend in the great outdoors. After practicing the previous weekend, they had no trouble at all setting up their tents and sleeping bags in the campsites sprawled along the waterfront. The campground featured several available activities, including basketball, canoeing, fishing, and even a mini-golf tournament in which several residents participated. The site had something for everyone, and even the guys who were initially uninterested in camping had a great time. CAMPINGTRIP2According to Activities Coordinator, Dave Freedman, the best part of the weekend was being able to relax and just spend time with the residents. “During the week, we expect a lot of our guys,” Dave said. “Over the weekend, I was able to get to know the guys a little bit better. That was the idea. It’s a good time of the year to go camping, and the weather was nice.” “It was a good time,” Case Manager Greg Plakias said. “When I got there everyone definitely seemed like they were enjoying themselves and having fun. Being out in the woods is a very humbling experience for me. It was cool to be outside the facility; just having a good time, and bonding, getting away from all of the hustle and bustle. Everyone had the opportunity to share and participate. All of us together at one time, in one place, just hanging out; the simplicity of that was my favorite experience.”