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Debbie & Rich Find the Right Drug Treatment Option for Their Son

Debbie & Rich, the parents of Phase III resident Alex P., have watched their son embrace recovery and begin to build a full life for himself as he’s progressed through the Phases of the Turnbridge Men’s Program.

Alex has put in a great deal of work to get to where he is today. Originally from New Jersey, he faced many obstacles growing up and surrounded himself with bad influences. Alex’s substance abuse began during his high school years. “You could tell he was losing all motivation and his life was spinning out of control,” said Debbie.

Alex graduated high school, but lost many jobs and struggled to hold onto jobs due to his substance abuse. “He was really on a path to go nowhere,” said Debbie.

“He fooled us and led us to believe his use wasn’t as much as it actually was,” said Rich. “Some of that was him and some of that was us. We tried a lot of things but didn’t know how to handle the situation.”

Alex began alienating himself from the friends who were positive influences in his life. His substance use continued to progress, culminating in an incident in which Alex totaled his car in an accident. Debbie and Rich decided to research drug treatment options for their son.

The family decided collectively on Turnbridge, and their journey would begin. Alex has experienced ups and downs throughout his journey through the Turnbridge program, but he has remained teachable and willing to take suggestions.

With the support of his care team and peers, Alex has made great strides to get to the point that he is at today. Alex is currently working two jobs and is an active participant in the mentor program, which involves volunteering his time to provide direct support to new clients entering Phase I of the Men’s Program. As a result of his hard work and dedication to helping others, Alex was recently offered a paid position as a Turnbridge Support Staff member, which he accepted.

“Turnbridge is a godsend and he turned his life around 180 degrees,” said Rich.

“The treatment of his person and our whole family was very key,” said Debbie. “We are just so grateful for Turnbridge.”

Alex continues his hard work today and is scheduled to graduate from the Turnbridge Sober Living Program this month. He plans on moving into a local sober house and staying connected with the community.

“We are so proud of Alex. It is the hardest thing one could have to do for themselves to fight this and get better,” Rich said.
“Turnbridge was so great for Alex because it addressed all of his issues. His addiction, his relationships, and his independence,” Debbie stated.