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Marie P. Sees Her Son Join the Recovery Community

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Matt P. grew up in Massachusetts with the support of a loving family but, according to his Mother, Marie, his childhood was not without difficulty. “He often struggled with his peers and fitting in,” said Marie. As a result of these challenges, Matt found himself gravitating toward bad crowds. “He started hanging out with others who were doing drugs,” said Marie. “Matt tried to hide who he was hanging out with and we never really knew.”

Matt’s substance abuse began in high school, and quickly escalated. “He was out all night and we had no idea what he was doing,” said Marie. During Matt’s high school years, Marie endured many sleepless nights and constantly worried about Matt. After failing a few classes, Matt was told he would not graduate on time. “Not graduating with his friends really got to him,” said Marie. Despite the delay, Matt would receive his diploma one year later.

“Matt’s substance abuse was there, but we were in denial,” Marie said. This denial persisted until one night when Matt crashed his car into a snow bank. “He got a ride home and came running into our room in the middle of the night freaking out,” said Marie.

This accident came with multiple legal charges that Matt had to face. After meeting with an attorney, it was recommended that Matt attend drug treatment. Matt made his way to a 6-week inpatient center, which he completed but would return home immediately after and relapsed shortly thereafter. “He got high the day he got home,” Marie said.

After continuing to test positive on multiple drug tests while on probation, Matt was sentenced to a jail term. “He just couldn’t stop getting high to pass a drug test,” Marie said. “That was when we really knew he needed help.”

Matt would spend 3 weeks in jail before eventually transferring to Turnbridge for long-term drug treatment. Arriving to New Haven in his jail clothes, Matt knew this was it for him. “It took him some time to get going but he started going through the motions and seeing progress,” Marie stated. Matt’s challenges in early recovery were no different than most, as he faced many ups and downs. “He faced a lot of obstacles but continued to work on moving forward,” said Marie.

Matt’s journey has brought him to Turnbridge where he excelled. He is an active participant in the Mentor Program, offering guidance and support to Phase I clients in the Men’s Program. Matt has found the motivation to get back to school, get a job , and continue to participate in the recovery community.

“We finally have our son back,” said Marie. “We are so grateful for Matt and the work he has done at Turnbridge.”