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MALKA – “I just have my son back.”

Malka B. is the mother of Jordan, a recent graduate of Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program. After successfully completing primary treatment at the Caron facility in Pennsylvania, Jordan came to Turnbridge for drug treatment. While at Turnbridge, Jordan put a great deal of effort into his continued recovery and plan for reintegration. He is now reaping the benefits of his hard work, having recently realized the cherished recovery milestone of 20 months of continuous sobriety. According to Malka, Jordan began to exhibit signs of his condition around the age of 16. He was an excellent student in the early years of high school, and received several commendations for his diving. Recruiters began to call with offers from various colleges, but Jordan’s drug use was escalating and taking an obvious toll on his daily life. “He completely fell apart,” Malka said. “He just wasn’t functioning anymore. All he did was sleep; I don’t even think he was eating. He would become very withdrawn, or very angry. We never knew which Jordan it was going to be.” malkaMalka did not understand the cause for the shift in Jordan’s personality and lifestyle, but when his behavior continued to worsen she decided to confront him and enroll him in an out-patient treatment program. The once-per-week group meetings there were simply used as opportunities to exchange dealer information, and Jordan was later enrolled in Caron’s program. Despite earlier setbacks and a relapse along the way, Jordan eventually made the decision to approach his recovery with serious dedication. “He began to appreciate the magnitude of how risky his behavior was to his own well-being,” Malka said. “He realized what he was putting his family through. [Addiction] is a family disease, and it has impacted all of us.” In his time at Caron and Turnbridge, Jordan began taking the necessary steps and putting in the work required to achieve a healthy, sober lifestyle. According to Malka, he sought out a 12-step sponsor and began engaging in a program of recovery, in addition to working closely with his clinicians and case managers . “I think he slowly started being more confident in his recovery, and in himself,” Malka said. “His self-esteem really started to improve, and he became active in skateboarding. He learned to deal with his frustration in a more positive way.” With the help of the staff at Turnbridge, Jordan was able to complete his high school education during his stay at Turnbridge. He currently resides in a local sober living home, and is attending Gateway Community College with plans to eventually transfer to a four-year university. “I could not have asked for a better place for my son to be for the past year and a half,” Malka said. “[Turnbridge] is where he learned the tools…how to continue with his plan and how to become a functioning individual in society. The support he received at Turnbridge, and the dedication of the staff there is beyond my expectations. He has a beautiful smile on his face now. The passion for life is there now, I guess that’s where the beautiful smile comes from. The Jordan I have today is not the Jordan I would have ever thought I could have three years ago. I just have my son back.”