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WHITE WATER CANOE TRIP: Phase I residents take the Connecticut’s Housatonic River


Turnbridge’s most recent recreational activity was held in the running waters of Connecticut’s Housatonic River. Several of the Phase I residents made the three hour trip to West Cornwall to take a white water canoe trip down the river with the help of the friendly staff at Clarke Outdoors. Many of Turnbridge’s recreational trips involve exciting activities, but never before have there been two capsized vessels in one day. The swift river and treacherous rocks made for an interesting time in regards to navigation, but most of the crews made it downriver without an incident. Daniel M. was in one of the flipped canoes. “We had some interesting experiences,” Daniel said. “Some people went through the trip like usual, but I was on one of the two that capsized. It was a lot of fun. I would definitely do it again, but I would try not to flip over next time. The best part of the recreational activities at Turnbridge is being able to go back out and do fun activities in the community while being sober. It’s interesting to do things outside, and to find out that there’s fun in life besides a party.” Matt F. was in the other capsized canoe, thanks partially to an unnamed stowaway who attempted turning a 2-man canoe into a 3-man. “It was interesting, and fun,” Matt said. “Having one person sit in the middle without being able to balance it did not work. The canoe trip was my favorite so far.” While Daniel’s canoe-mate abandoned him mid-river and chased down their canoe, Matt’s former canoe buddies also took off, leaving him to unsuccessfully deal with the overturned craft. Mark H. made it down the river without flipping over his canoe, even taking the time to work in a planned swim break at the halfway point. “It was pretty nice,” Mark said. “I saw a lot of nice mountain sights, and I started to think that it was actually pretty fun. We were cruising down the whole time, chilling and talking about stuff. It’s pretty nice to get out and do things while in recovery.” Recreational Coordinator Dave Freedman planned another awesome activity in the canoe trip, and he has many more fun trips planned for the near future. Living a life in recovery doesn’t have to be purely clinical or boring. Days like this help to show residents that life is filled with opportunities to have fun without needing to add drugs or alcohol.