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Carolyn B: How Her Son Was Saved with Professional Help for His Addiction

Caroline B. is the mother of Brian

Caroline B. is the mother of Brian, a resident in Phase III of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  After Brian was rushed to the hospital for overdosing during his senior year of high school, he and his family sought out professional help for his addiction.  Since coming to Turnbridge, Brian has maintained his commitment to recovery, and he and his family are on the mend. Getting Professional Help for AddictionCaroline became fully aware of Brian’s addiction during his senior year of high school.  “That was when it really got bad,” Caroline said.  “He’s basically one of the sweetest kids, but when he was taking this stuff he would just rage all the time.  It was very difficult; he was almost impossible to live with.  You never knew when he was going to fly off the handle.  It was not an acceptable way of living.” Brian’s condition affected the entire family, particularly his twin brother.  “The two of them are very close,” Caroline said.  “There wasn’t really anything he could do, and it’s really hard to watch someone you love drowning, and turning into something that they’re not.  It’s a horrible thing.” During the Fourth of July weekend in his senior year, Brian overdosed at home and was rushed to the hospital.  This event marked an important moment for Caroline: she realized that they as a family needed professional help to treat Brian’s condition.  “We wanted to believe that there was something we could do to fix it,” Caroline said.  “When we wound up in the hospital I realized we weren’t going to be able to do this on our own; it was out of our league.” At this point, it was clear to Brian’s family that he wasn’t ready to come home, and during his hospital stay they decided to seek additional treatment.  A social worker gave the family several options, and in the end Brian decided on Turnbridge’s addiction treatment program.  According to Caroline, the community and support network that the Turnbridge drug rehab program creates is essential for recovery and continuing sobriety.  “Turnbridge has been such a game-changer,” Caroline said.  “He was very resistant at first, but he eventually realized that [Turnbridge] works.  If he hadn’t come to Turnbridge, I don’t even know that he’d be alive.” “He’s genuinely happy now.  He seems very grateful and appreciative of his family.  He’s working very hard, and doing a good job.  I think he sees the possibilities.  At this point, he has choices to make about what his next steps are.  If he hadn’t come to Turnbridge’s drug rehab center, those choices would have been made for him.  He actually has a life to plan now, and it can be a life that he chooses.  I think he’s really excited about that.  We’re unbelievably proud of him.  He, with the help of Turnbridge, has turned his life around 180 degrees.”