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Olin K, Sr – Committing to Recovery

Olin K.

Olin K., Sr. is the father of Olin, a recent resident of the Turnbridge long term drug rehab program.  Olin Jr. spent about ten months in the program, and in that time he has made remarkable progress.  He has committed himself to staying healthy, practicing the 12 steps, and he continues to work hard in recovery. According to Olin Sr., his son was a happy kid who did well in school and was rarely in any kind of trouble.  Olin Jr.’s attitude toward school and life began to change during his middle school years, and it worsened over time.  Olin Jr. spent years battling substance use issues that ranged from marijuana to meth and bath salts.  “I didn’t realize how bad it was,” Olin Sr. said.  “He’d been doing drugs for years, and then he just started doing crazy stuff.  On his 14th birthday he was so out of it, he didn’t know what was happening.”  Many of the events surrounding the drug abuse were scary to the family, particularly a drastic weight loss that occurred from his use of bath salts.  Things progressively got worse for Olin Jr., and he reverted to alcohol abuse in the hopes of allaying his drug addiction. How to stay committed to addiction recoveryOlin Jr. eventually asked for help, and the family moved quickly to find a local 28-day program.  “When he got out they suggested an intensive outpatient program,” Olin Sr. said.  “I didn’t think he’d survive if he stayed here.  Most of his friends are into drugs or alcohol.”  Olin Sr.’s daughter and son-in-law work in the recovery industry, and she found out about Turnbridge’s residential treatment center.  The integrative nature of the teen rehab program seemed like a good fit for Olin Jr.’s case, and he soon began his residency. “I’m grateful for Turnbridge, and for what they’ve done,” Olin Sr. said.  “I don’t think he’d be alive if he hadn’t gone there.  He’s got great friends there, and he’s come a long way.  He puts the program first.  He talks the talk, but he’s walking the walk as well from everything I see.  I know he calls his sponsor every day.  He seems a lot calmer, and he’s taking better care of himself.  He enjoys the program, and he really tries to work the steps.  He’s grown up a lot.  He’s done well, and I think he’s got a good foundation.” According to Olin Sr., Olin Jr. plans to graduate the program April 4 and travel back to Florida.  He has already established a local sponsor, and he will continue working his steps and maintaining a stable recovery program.  Olin Jr. is currently studying to attain his GED, and in the future he may enter the agriculture industry.