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From the Family: Recovery is a Process, Believes Susan M.

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Susan M., the mother of Phase III resident Alex H., has experienced the joy of watching her son, Alex, progress through the Turning Point program.  Since coming to New Haven, Alex has turned a corner in his life and worked hard to develop a solid foundation for lasting recovery.

As a kid, Alex had “everything handed to him,” said Susan.  “He was very smart, musically talented and could get along with everyone.”  Despite these innate gifts, Alex struggled growing up.  At a very young age, Alex was diagnosed with ADD, depression, and anxiety. “He never wanted to go to school and many things seemed to be more challenging for him,” said Susan.

During Alex’s middle school years, he was prescribed a stimulant medication to treat his ADD symptoms. This is where both Alex and Susan believe “it all began.” Alex began struggling with sleep, eating, and anxiety. At this point, Alex began smoking pot and his use escalated quickly.

“In the beginning of 10th grade, everything hit the fan,” said Susan.  “[Alex] told us that he was no longer going to be attending school, and that he had begun having minor seizures.”  Susan took Alex to see numerous doctors to try to determine what was causing the seizures, while receiving home instructions from the school district. “What we had not realized was that he was up all night getting high and sleeping during the day,” said Susan.

One night, Susan and her husband woke up to a loud bang and found Alex passed out in the studio next to an air duster can, which Alex was using to get high. “As the perfect co-dependent, in denial, enabling mother, I thought he was sleep walking,” said Susan. “We lived in this insanity for awhile.”

Right before Thanksgiving in 2014, Alex was hospitalized following a suicide attempt. “In the psychiatric ward, that is when Alex came clean about everything and stated he was an addict,” said Susan.

“It was suggested that a 28-day or 3 month program wouldn’t be enough, and that this was going to be a long process,” said Susan.  “I am so grateful that we got this advice, I don’t know where we would be at right now if he didn’t attend long-term treatment.

Ultimately, the decision to come to Turning Point was made.  Following his arrival, Alex demonstrated a lot of willingness to engage in 12-step meetings and with the local sober community.  Alex quickly got a 12-step sponsor and followed the direction of his care team at Turning Point. Alex believed that he was right where he was supposed to be, and took advantage of the opportunity afforded to him.  “Turning Point has been amazing for our family,” said Susan. “He has grown up and matured so much.  It’s a miracle, such a blessing.”

Alex now volunteers his time at the Phase I drug rehab facility, mentoring new clients and sharing his experience, strength, and hope.