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Resident Profile: Sebi M. Learns Coping Skills in Recovery

coping tools in recovery

Sebi M. is a current client in Phase III of Turnbridge.  Sebi’s journey through life has been difficult, but with the help of Turnbridge he has begun to shape a new path for himself.

Sebi was born and raised in Texas, near the border of Mexico.  He was very involved in sports as a child and performed very well academically until high school.  Sebi’s first drink, and exposure to a culture of partying, came as a freshman in high school. “My drinking continued to escalate throughout my high school years,” said Sebi.  Sebi was an active member of his high school’s basketball and football teams for all four years of his attendance, but his grades began rapidly spiraled downward. Substance abuse and academics are a dangerous mix. Nonetheless, he graduated high school and went directly into college.

In college, Sebi began smoking marijuana and his drinking continued to progress. “I found that relief when I started smoking,” said Sebi.  “I would rather drink and smoke thaen deal with my emotions. It was my way of coping with them.”  Sebi did not attend his classes and eventually left school.

Once back home, Sebi began abusing cocaine and benzos. “It became an all day, every day thing,” said Sebi. His family was aware that something was going on, but did not know to what extent.

Eventually, Sebi had enough and made the decision to reach out to his parents for help. Shortly after this, Sebi enrolled at a primary treatment program in Texas. “I was introduced to AA and the 12-steps, and it opened up a whole new possibility of how to feel okay and not need drugs or alcohol,” said Sebi.

Sebi and his parents decided extended care treatment was necessary, and he ultimately made his way to Turnbridge. “I got to Turnbridgeand immediately got a sponsor and started working to get better,” said Sebi.  Sebi was very motivated, and willing to do the work. At Turnbridge, Sebi has built life-long friendships and is working toward establishing a foundation for the rest of his life. “Turnbridge has helped me get back into society, get back into school, and maintain a job,” said Sebi. “Turnbridge is a huge support system and they keep me accountable.”

Today, Sebi is back in school and working, while continuing to keep the focus on his sobriety. He understands that without his sobriety, he cannot keep everything else he has in his life. “I have the tools to cope with my emotions today. I don’t need drugs or alcohol anymore,” said Sebi.