Happy family


Zach and Dallas: Two Brothers Against Addiction

Zach M.’s family has seen him struggle to keep his life in order due to his addiction.  Since coming to Turnbridge’s young adult drug rehab facilities and working on his recovery, Zach’s family now has the happy, loving, and caring son and brother back in their lives.

According to Dallas, Zach’s older brother who is also in recovery, Zach has struggled with his addiction for years. Zach began drinking and smoking early in his teenage years, and this escalated quickly after the passing of a beloved family member and Zach’s enrollment in freshman year of college. “Zach would come to my house and I could tell that he had been using,” Dallas stated. “When the cocaine became a lot more consistent I really began to notice,” he said.

siblings and addiction“Once I got sober, I began pushing sobriety on to Zach,” Dallas said. At this point, Zach was aware that he needed help but was not ready to accept it yet. One particular incident at Dallas’ apartment brought everything to a head. “Zach had mixed Xanax and alcohol and was ranting about how he believed he had no reason to live anymore, All I could I could was tell him that I loved him” said Dallas. A few days later, Zach reached out to his family for help and decided to go to treatment.

Zach arrived at Turnbridge in December of 2014, and has not looked back. “When I am struggling, I call my brother,” said Dallas.

With both of them being in recovery, they often reach out to each other for help. Just recently, Zach became a House Manager at one of Turnbridge’s Phase III houses, in addition to working at a local coffee shop.  Zach is also a mentor for guys in Phase I; he comes by the Phase I facility at least three times a week to help and to let the new clients know that it is possible to get better.

“Today, I got my little brother back,” said Dallas.