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Alumni Article: Wes Makes a Commitment to Recovery

In his last few years before coming to New Haven, Wes’ life was a tangled web of institutions and near death experiences, but he has since made a decision to embrace recovery and is now committed to a life in sobriety.

 “Alcoholism and drug addiction run in my family,” said Wes. At a very young age, Wes lost a very close family member to a heroin overdose.

Wes began his substance use when he was 12 years old, a trend that would continue on for a decade.  “I started struggling in school and getting into a lot of trouble when I got to high school,” said Wes. “I barely graduated high school due to my drug use.”

drug addiction recoveryFollowing high school, Wes attended college but was asked to leave soon after his arrival. After returning home, Wes was arrested multiple times.  “I was doing pills every day for 6 years straight,” said Wes. “I was even losing my teeth due to the abuse.”

Following multiple drug overdoses and numerous failed treatment attempts, Wes made his way to Turnbridge’s rehab for young adults in September 2014.  Wes knew it was time to get his life together. “I was tired of getting high, and was going to go to jail for a long time, so I made the choice to complete Turnbridge,” Wes said.

 “When I got to Phase III I had Rob D. as my case manager and he basically saved my life,” Wes said. “What Turnbridge did for me, is that they never gave up on me like others have in the past. They helped me work through my character defects.”

Wes made a commitment to recovery; he worked through the 12-steps while at Turnbridge and continues to work on himself daily. Wes completed the Turnbridge program this past month. He is currently residing in a sober living house in Massachusetts.  He has a new sponsor, a new job, a new home, and continues to practice what he learned at Turnbridge.