People often ask me, “What does it take to be sober? Isn’t it hard – especially with young men so resistant to change?” My typical response: “It requires changing everything, and yes, it’s tremendously difficult!” At Turnbridge, we approach the process of change from the ground up – eat three meals per day, wake up and go to sleep on a regular schedule, make your bed, move a muscle, change a thought. As I make my way around campus, residents will approach me and ask, “Dave, why do we get up so early? Why do we have to keep the house clean? We should have more free time…” In so many words, I reply because these are things you have never done before. Because maintaining a clean living space is indicative of taking pride in your surroundings, in being responsible for your actions and behaviors. Because waking up early enough to prepare – eat breakfast, shower and clean-up – are essential to kicking off your day in a positive way. Because some free time is good and necessary, but too much leaves room for all those “old” feelings to creep back in. Turnbridge believes that the foundation is the key to long-term success. Building a nice home, with all the modern amenities and newest technology, just isn’t cutting it. Without a well-built foundation, that new house will crumble. So what does it take to be sober? Change everything. Is it hard? Sure, but not impossible. Where to begin? The ground floor!