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A Path towards Recovery: The Advantages of Drug Treatment in New England

When it comes down to it, the key to a successful recovery from drug addiction lies in one’s ability to step outside his comfort zone, to take on new experiences, and to build an improved, sober lifestyle structured around healthy habits and stable relationships. And what better place to do it than right here, in New England?

New England is a place of new beginnings, and not just historically speaking. From the frontiers of Maine and Vermont, to the sandy Rhode Island beaches, and all the way to the New York border– the boundaries and opportunities for adolescents and young adults in addiction recovery are truly endless.

addiction treatment in New EnglandThat is why Turnbridge prides itself for being at the heart of it. Turnbridge’s drug treatment center for young men is located in the hub of New Haven, Connecticut, where city life is bustling, fall foliage is rustling, and sports teams are muscling up for their highly-anticipated seasons to begin. Our clinical facilities neighbor some of the greatest minds of our time: Yale University being at nearly an arm’s length away, and the top hospital in the country less than a three hour drive to the city of Boston. All the while, Turnbridge’s residential houses sit in the surrounding historic neighborhoods of this vibrant city, in renovated apartments where clients can live openly and enthusiastically while still under supervised care.

New England is a year-round destination, and Turnbridge always finds a way to take advantage of each one of the four seasons Connecticut has to offer. During the week, our drug rehab for young men is closely structured and regulated to help clients develop the habits of healthy, productive living. On the weekends, we aim to break down the barriers of addiction even further, and (literally) drive recovering individuals outside of their comfort zones into the great outdoors.

In the winter, you can expect to see Turnbridge residents strapping on their skis and snowboards and hitting the slopes in nearby Vermont resorts, Mount Snow, Killington, and Bromley Mountain. In autumn, you may find us taking a weekend camping trip to one of the nearby state parks or nature centers, fishing or rock climbing during the day and telling stories by the fire at night. You may hear us laughing as we canoe the local Housatonic River, or cheering as we win another game in our sober softball league. No matter what stretch of the woods we choose, we believe each location serves as a true component of the recovery process. At Turnbridge, we find it crucial for young men in recovery to not be one place all of the time. Each activity we plan is meant to help our clients step outside of a clinical setting, outside of the box, and give them a true “breath of fresh air.”

What is unique about being a drug rehab in New England is that we are in contiguity with urban and suburban, as well as natural, environments. With such close proximity to cities like Boston and New York, Turnbridge offers its clients numerous opportunities to get out and expand their horizons. The urban setting of New Haven gives each resident the chance to again participate in society: whether it be through a part-time job, volunteering, studies, or simply an evening of fun at one of our local theaters. We’re also only a car trip away from some of the greatest museums in New England, like the Metropolitan, as well as some of the most popular athletic arenas. It is not unlikely to find Turnbridge support staff and residents enjoying a day trip to watch the New England Patriots or Boston Celtics, or sticking close to home to see a Harvard-Yale football game.

With countless acclaimed hospitals alongside five of the top 20 universities in America and five of the nation’s 10 best prep schools, there is no doubt that New England is an advantageous location for drug rehabilitation. And Turnbridge is proud to be a part of that. Our New Haven location fuses nature, education, and culture, making it a highly desirable place to live, work, and thrive. Unlike many clinical settings, we are not isolated or removed from the rest of the world. Rather, we’re completely integrated into a real, vibrant, and diverse community. Here, our residents are able to form sober, healthy habits, build sober networks of both friends and professionals, establish trust in one another, and confidence in themselves. They are also able to form new memories each step of the way.

If you are considering drug rehab in New England for your teen, call us today at 877-581-1793. We are happy to tell you more about Turnbridge’s supportive facilities, recreational activities, and preparative addiction treatment program in New England.