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Alex Finds a Recovery Community

Alex P., a current Phase III resident, struggled for many years to find who he was and what he wanted to. Alex’s determination to stay active in the community and continued hard work has led him to a point where he finally feels like he’s found his way.  His journey began in March of this year, when Alex made the choice to come to Turnbridge.

Like many, Alex struggled to fit in during his early school years. Middle School was tough for Alex.  He recalls “struggling emotionally, and becoming a little introverted.” After not being selected to the basketball team, “[he] was very upset, and felt like [he] underachieved.”  These feelings continued on into High School, where Alex continued to feel as if he did not belong.

recovery communityAlex’s first substance use came when he was enrolled in an alternative school.  “I began hanging with a not-so-good crowd,” said Alex. “Everything changed from there because this lifestyle was introduced to me and it became the solution.” 

Alex was eventually accepted back into his high school, but his drug and alcohol abuse skyrocketed resulting in a plethora of consequences. “All I ever did was drink and use drugs,” said Alex. This abuse eventually resulted in loss of employment and exhaustion of financial resources.

Alex graduated high school, but had no interest in attending college. “I lived at my parents’ house, drinking and drugging, and was completely reliant on them,” said Alex. After multiple arrests and an altercation with family, Alex was hospitalized. “I struggled in institutions,” said Alex.  “I didn’t know how to deal with my feelings without drugs.”  Shortly after, he would make his way to Turnbridge.

“I came to Turnbridge and they helped me get right into the local recovery community and begin going to meetings,” he said.  Through the relationships he’s forged, the activities he’s participated in, and 12-step meetings he’s attended, “[he] began to find [him]self.”  

“I’ve had a lot of fun and made some great relationships and believe I’ve changed for the better,” said Alex.  Alex recently celebrated 8 months of continuous sobriety.