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6 Reasons to Stay Sober After Drug Treatment

In a recent post, Turnbridge discussed some of the many benefits of getting sober. In this blog, we will discuss the many reasons to stay sober for good.

Drug abuse is detrimental, bearing many physical, psychological, personal and external consequences. And those who are using are not the only ones affected by it – their family members, close friends, spouses and significant others also carry great weight and distress knowing the dangers of drug abuse. We see this, and yet, many of us continue to use anyway. Sometimes, it feels easier to accept the consequences than it does to quit or ask for help.

That’s because addiction has a tight grasp around you – how you think and how you behave. The drugs you’ve been taking, or the drugs you used to take, have changed your brain in ways that make quitting extra hard. As much as you want to stay sober, as sick as you are of feeling sick, and as tired as you are of the temptations around you, long-term sobriety still feels out of reach.

If you are here, you may be in or recently out of drug treatment. Perhaps you are in recovery, but having a particularly difficult day – Your cravings are bad. There are people drinking or partying around you. Your stress levels are high. You want to escape. You want just that hit or sip or something to feel better.

What if we told you that you are better than that? Recovery is in no way easy, but it is, without a doubt, possible. And the key is waking up recognizing that there are reasons to live sober. Every morning, you have to tell yourself: There are reasons I am here today. There are reasons I chose to quit drugs and drinking. And, above all, there are reasons to stay sober – whether it be personal goals, family, relationships, responsibilities, your career or education. You have your reasons. We all do.

But maybe you need help identifying them. Maybe recognizing your own reasons to stay sober is clouded by everything else happening in your life. We understand this completely, which is why Turnbridge has outlined some of our top reasons to stay sober below.

1.   Because you’ve put a lot of time and hard work into your recovery. If you’ve been to drug treatment before, if you have been in recovery for some time, you know that this statement is true. Recovery takes patience, commitment, and dedication. It is an ongoing journey to stay drug-free. You’ve come a long way; don’t let a one-off drink or drug veer you from your path.

2.   Because you make better decisions sober. Living sober means waking up with less regrets or worries about what you did the night before. It means making decisions that will improve your life and benefit your mental, emotional, and physical health. It means thinking before you act and making conscious choices with your best interest in mind. You live better because of that.

3.   Because sobriety keeps you safe. Sobriety keeps you safe not only from the physical dangers of substance abuse, but also the convoluted feelings and situations that drugs can provoke. When you are sober, you are less likely to experience suicidal thoughts or get behind the wheel while intoxicated. You are less likely to get angry and violent, or involved with a sketchy drug deal. You are also farther from self-medicating, overdosing, or putting the ones you love at risk.

4.   Because staying sober means a lot to the ones you love (and will help maintain important relationships). Staying focused on yourself is a major aspect of the recovery process. Healing involves becoming self-aware, building self-esteem, and practicing self-care. It means identifying your own reasons to stay sober. At the same, though, it can help to acknowledge the fact that there are others cheering you on. Whether it be family or friends, there are people who want you to stay sober – because you mean the world to them and recovery means keeping you safe. Not to mention, these people have come to know the honest, thoughtful, active, personable, trustworthy, amazing, sober you. The trust you’ve reestablished with the ones you love, the bridges you’ve rebuilt, and the relationships you’ve reignited are great reasons to stay sober.

5.   Because you are a role model to someone. They may not have outwardly told you, but more than likely, someone you know admires you for your choice to live sober. Whether it be your brother or sister, a peer from college, a support group member or even a distant Facebook friend, someone out there has been affected by your story and looks up to you for it. You are an inspiration, and will continue to be so long as you commit to sobriety.

6.   Because you have goals for the future, ones that you can attain. Getting sober gives you the chance to follow your dreams – staying sober gives you more opportunity to reach them. Maybe you have dream job you’d like to land, or plans to go back to school. Perhaps you want to get married and start a family. These dreams are reasons to stay sober and to keep working towards a better and more accomplished you. Without drugs disrupting your life, you can think about what you want as well as take the necessary steps to get there.

As much as you may feel otherwise now, know that you are strong. You are stronger than any cravings. You are stronger than relapse. You are stronger than those that are still using around you. And it is this strength that has already taken you so far. Don’t give up – you’ve got this.

If you or a loved one is battling drug addiction, dealing with compulsive drug cravings, or feel as though relapse may occur, please do not hesitate to reach out. Call Turnbridge young adult rehab at 877-581-1793 to talk to an addiction specialist and get back on the path towards sobriety.