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Paintball at Hogan’s Alley

paintball at Hogan’s Alley in Meriden.

On Friday, May 23, several of Turnbridge rehab center’s Phase I residents donned their face masks for an afternoon of paintball at Hogan’s Alley in Meriden.  Paintball has turned out to be one of the residents’ favorite recreational activities, and this outing was one of the best.  According to resident Nick C., the residents divided into two teams to battle it out in several games of SpeedBall and WoodsBall.  “It was fun,” Nick said.  “I had a good time, and we should do it more often.” Sober PaintballRecreational sober activities like paintball help the guys to communicate and trust one another, and this aspect of the events plays a huge role in the recovery process.  “Long story short, it was good for the guys,” Support Staff member James W. said.  “I think it builds relationships within the community.  It was just a good day.  It was exciting, and it put some smiles on their faces.  They look forward to it every time; it’s one of their favorite events.  It’s a great positive at the end of the day that they can go out and have fun.” According to James, one of the best parts of the day was the ride home.  “The thing that sticks out the most is the ride home,” James said.  “Everyone was pumped from it.  They just all had a great time and were talking about what happened during the game.” In June, residents from throughout the Turnbridge addiction treatment program will see a brand new production of Cirque du Soleil called “Varekai,” and later in the month Phase I and Phase II residents will embark on a deep-sea fishing expedition.